As US Looks To Re-legalize Online Poker, Germany Bans It

from the moving-in-opposite-directions dept

Just as the US seems to be moving forward with efforts to relegalize online poker, it appears that Germany is moving in the opposite direction, passing a law to ban online poker — even to the point of allowing German authorities to put online poker players in jail (though, no one seems to think that’s likely to happen).

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Comments on “As US Looks To Re-legalize Online Poker, Germany Bans It”

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PaulT (profile) says:


Something seems a bit fishy about this article. The linked article gives absolutely zero real information, while a Google search brings up news suggesting that this law has been in effect for a while. It’s been enforced in 13 German states since the 1st January, but some online poker sites are still trying to fight it.

Anyone have more real details?

@Historian: “If you can’t stop it… regulate (tax) it.”

If only governments would realise that about other things they spend billions trying to ban.

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