Will U2 Manager's Next Rant Blame Bono For Leaked U2 Tracks?

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In the past year or so, U2’s manager, Paul McGuinness has lashed out at pretty much everyone, other than those in the music industry, for the evils of file sharing. His main target was ISPs, but also device manufacturers, search engines, social networks and many, many others. It wasn’t long after this that U2 lead singer Bono more or less agreed with his manager — though using more diplomatic language. However, as a few folks are joyfully noting, it appears that the only one to blame for the leak of U2’s most recent tracks may in fact be Bono himself. Apparently, someone was passing by Bono’s beach villa in the south of France and heard the stereo playing incredibly loudly with new U2 tracks, so he recorded them and put them up on YouTube.

To be honest, this story has a lot of questionable elements to it, and little to back it up. So it could be entirely false. Even if it’s true, it’s difficult to see how the quality could be even halfway decent. Either way, though, it does show how silly it is to blame others. Instead, why not look to examples like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails who have shown that when you control the leak, it can work to your advantage in a rather massive way?

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Comments on “Will U2 Manager's Next Rant Blame Bono For Leaked U2 Tracks?”

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IanK says:

The conclusion you try to make in this article is weak. I hate U2 as much as anybody who doesn’t hate music, but to say that Bono himself was to blame for some leaked U2 tracks because he played music in his home is odd. The guy may be a douche-bag who wears weak, high-transmittance purple sunglasses both indoors and outdoors, but surely not even TechDirt can logically go from:

“Bono played music in his own house” –> “Bono is to blame, and he’s silly for blaming others for piracy” –> “Bono could learn from Radiohead and NIN”.

That’s weak.

Anonymous Coward says:

I agree; Bono is a waste of life and an insult to music as a whole. However, this is quite a stretch to suggest that he is responsible for the leak because some random guy recorded them from outside the property. I was really expecting to read that he irresponsible left a copy of the CD somewhere, or somehow accidently shared it in his kazaa porn directory.

This is quite a leap.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Irresponsibly playing his music loud enough to be recorded from off his property is more of a leap than irresponsibly leaving a CD laying around?

I was hoping to see something about how Bono uploaded them to a torrent site. I think saying Bono is to blame because he had his stereo up too loud is fair. If he’s so concerned with his music not escaping you’d think he’d be more careful with unreleased songs.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re:

However, this is quite a stretch to suggest that he is responsible for the leak because some random guy recorded them from outside the property.

Yes, that’s why I said it seemed implausible in the post itself.

But the *point* is that leaks can come from all sorts of unexpected places — and it’s better to turn any “leaks” into your benefit rather than blaming others. That point stands.

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