Showcased Google Docs Spreadsheet Does Not Compute

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theodp writes “Recently, Google debuted its new Google Docs Template Gallery, showcasing a Shared House Expenses spreadsheet template in a pretty elaborate YouTube Video as an example of ‘tools that just work.’ Only problem is, the popular five-star template still doesn’t work correctly. Thanks to its doesn’t-handle-zero-correctly bugs, the spreadsheet fails to always divide expenses properly, allowing one roommate to get away with contributing far less than his “Fare [sic] Share.” So did Google release the spreadsheet to gazillions of users without bothering to verify it worked, or did all those Googlers fail to recognize some pretty obvious mistakes?”

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Comments on “Showcased Google Docs Spreadsheet Does Not Compute”

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Unit1 says:

Showcased Google Docs Spreadsheet Does Not Compute

Google has a lot of PhD’s? Really?

Well, for a couple of hundred bucks anyone can get a PhD. Or, if you’re born into a wealthy family, you can buy a good one for a few hundred thousand bucks. The probability that someone with a PhD from one of the world’s finest, post-secondary educational institutions will actually know how to read, write, and perform four-function arithmetic is still about the same as that of someone who purchased their PhD from a mill though:

Approaching zero.

Besides, most people who write code for a living don’t have PhDs anyway. They’re kids who play video games and work in cubicles in India, Russia, China, or some other low wage country. You can teach anyone to cut and paste, and if that’s all they do, they’re really, really cheap. It used to be people in those nations were better at math than their counterparts in the U.S. Apparently, the software industry has succeeded in dumbing them down as well. Oh well.

I found it interesting that today was the launch date of yet another, worse than useless, “free” POS (Piece of Software?) “developed” by some ex-Googlers with $33 million in VC funding:

Free pizza to the first person who can make it work. You have to provide the pizza though. Sorta like how the software industry operates…. 😉

Google Spreadsheets Analytics Product (user link) says:

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I also found an interesting product that connects directly to Google spreadsheets and allows you to create dashboards and reports quickly and easily its called Prism from SiSense

It suppose to be free as far as I know.

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