Verizon Wireless Finally Buying Alltel

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It’s only been rumored for about four years, but it looks like Verizon Wireless is finally buying Alltel. It’s yet another merger in the space, with this one letting Verizon leap over AT&T to declare itself the largest national carrier. Considering the space, I’m sure there will soon be a flurry of “who’s next?” articles showing up — though most of the big obvious mergers are now out of the way. One assumes this should also mean the end of the ridiculous lawsuit Verizon Wireless had filed against Alltel for misleading advertising.

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Comments on “Verizon Wireless Finally Buying Alltel”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

Right… because Verizon is required to do anything. Grease another palm and all of our contracts are tomorrow’s fodder. It’s all good… I’m sure my atty will have a field day with the verbage of the ‘contract’, or any ignorance on their part.

Meanwhile looks like it is time to go shopping for a new phone.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

ya… they bought out all of the competition. I had them when they bought Cellular One in Ohio. The only thing that happened was that they shut down the network we were on and force us to purchase a new phone. The best part was that they voided the contract they bought and then expected me to pay the early termination fees. My atty had a field day.

You've got to be an employee says:

Re: Re:

You don’t have to know the new company first hand if you have enough friends and family telling you how bad it is. One friend, it’s probably just them, even two friends, but over a dozen friends and family tell you the same thing at different times, then there’s some truth to it. And when you have 3 friends willing to pay the early termination fee b/c it’s less hastle to pay the fee than to keep the service, then something isn’t right here. You want to talk ignorant. Where are you getting the information that Verizon is number one? Could it be from a “Verizon” commercial or from the posters in a Verizon Wireless Store. You’re the customer Advertisers dream of, Verizon of course is going to say it’s number one in customer satisfaction. Would you buy a phone or plan from a company that brags it’s number 2 or 3. And since “Verizon” says they’re number one, then they have to be right? I bet if Verizon told you that they hung the moon you would believe that too right? But then again if it’s on a commercial it must be true, despite the fine print at the bottom of the screen.

jeff says:

Re: Re:

I have had alltel for 8 years now and there coverage is better that any other company, hand down. Two years ago I did a western US trip with my family and I had alltel, one with at&t, and one with verizon. I got better reception everwhere we went and had reception in alot of places that the other two had none. I know everyone has there favorite, but this was the best for an apple’s to apple’s comparison you could do.

Kchat says:

Re: # 1 Company

Verizon’s service SUCKS, bad service all the time. Dropped calls, plans that are in no way close to what I have now. Poor customer service, I have had to go to a Verizon store 8X’s in one week as well as several very long phone conversations before the issue was resolved. Not to mention the hard push to change my service plan. Told repeatedly that my contract had ended. When in reality it does not end until 2010. Over heard a store rep. state that all of these upset Alltel customers are mad because they have to switch to Verizon. Watched as each of the sales reps. told falsehood after falsehood to customers just wanting to get answers.

tory says:

are you serious

i read all the comments left and i was amazed on how some people felt about the merger….i am from florida which is basically covered by verizon and i loved their service but until 3 years ago i moved to texas where verizon wasnt covering….which really bummed me out….so i went ahead and went with alltel…which is also a great company….i believe that merging 2 of the best companies will impact everyone greatly….i am so excited for this event…i hope it happens sooner than we think….im looking forwARD TO getting vcast and as well as new plans and phones (with lower prices as introductory prices of the merger)…if you diagree with me thats your problem but im up for it….and i hope this comment turns your views around….and hope that the CEO of each company reads this and take what i said into consideration…

bobbo says:


I would be glad to stay with alltel/verizon if they do not change my current plan, and if they do not get rid of mycircle. Currently i pay 100 dollars for 2 phone lines, with unlimited access to net, pics, and txts and 900 anytime minutes on the nationwaide plan with 10 numbers in mycircle. If that doesnt change and the price doesnt increase then i will not switch however if it does switch then i will more than likely be going over to Cricket wireless which seemed to be about the same price as alltel.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: merger

man Cricket is aimed at the older crowd and the shitpo crackheads that refuse to pay for anything. Much like ghetto PCS (MetroPCS). Good luck with them. Unless you are a part of the demographic they cater to. If that is the case, do us all a favor, and buy a gun and erase your sorry ass.

There is nothing like having to put up with layers of BS because a bunch of shitpo crackheads think it is ok to never pay for anything they have. They have been on welfare all their lives and will never know what it is like to get off your ass and have to work for a living so you can provide for their family. This is why we have pay as you go phones. Because 90% of the shitheads in the ‘souf’ refuse to pay their bills and have such bad credit that no-one in their right mind would ever sell them anything. Not to mention the got a job and $99 to get a car loan thieves.

It is so funny how you can grow up with the proper values and be around responsible adults all your life and be the poster child for racial equality. You wonder how someone can hate a group of people so much that you want to lynch them and have hanging parties. Then you move from your birthplace and go somewhere like Albany, Georgia and come to find out that roughly 80% of the population there is so friggen ignorant or just blatantly refuses to live their lives with any kind of integrity. The people live as if laws and policies and regulation were never there and that nothing applies to them, unless it means something for nothing for them.

Chronno S. Trigger says:

Re: Re: merger

I’ve seen the exact opposite. I’ve seen that the vast majority of people will do the right thing as long as it’s not too far out of their way. I guess that old saying is true. You see yourself reflected in the people around you.

And as for Cricket, they seem to be far too expensive to be for the freeloaders. There are always Virgin and Trackphone that cost less. I had Virgin but only because I won’t pay any of the major wireless carriers. Which I guess at this point are AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. At least we have other options like Cricket, Virgin, and Trackphone.

devious says:

Suck and Suckier = good?

In this area both companies, served by independet tower operators truely suck. Coverage is poor at best, dropped calls for both are so bad, it is easier to go find a Pay phone, (one of those old large black metal objects sometimes housed in a glass booth, or mounted out on the edge of a parking lot with a corded device called a hand set you stick to your ear and speak into after you drop a few coins into a slot, had to clarify this for the new generations)
I had Verizon one month, dropped them like they dropped my calls, got Alltel, never could get any service after the initial setup in the store. When I wen’t back, I still couldn’t get service (bars) in the store, I got them to cancel my service but they refused to refund my “setup” fees. Out of Service and out 70 bucks!
Got T-Mobile and can’t find any where without service….
Love them…

BinaryWorld says:

Re: Suck and Suckier = good?

It’s just going to depend on where you live. I’ve never had a problem w/dropped calls. My qualm with VZW is that they block certain features of their phones to get you to pay extra for them. Trying to get something to/from your phone isn’t as easy as simply buying the USB cable anymore.

It's Me Bitchezzzz says:

Welcome to the Verizon/ATT era

For all you dumb dumbs out there…here’s the deal. Verizon and ATT will be the last 2 standing. With this purchase, Verizon has set itself up to now go after its last and final big purchase in Sprint….I give that deal about a year or 2. You know why Sprint bought Nextel..same as why Yahoo is tryin to team up with google, cuz Verizon was about to buy them out (same as MSFT will do to HOO). When the 4th gen LTE Services come out in the next few years ATT will buy T-Mobile and both will finish gobblying up all these little shitty companies…Cricket/Virgin and the like will be no contest since LTE phones will be able to be used in Europe and Asia and can cross the GSM/CDMA differences…read what the outgoing CEO of Vodafone (Worlds largest carrier & 45%owner of VZW) He said VZW will continue to grow and become stronger, o and they won the spectrum purchase earlier this year so better service there as well…O and Devious if you think T-mobile is good come to upstate NY, you wont get srevice, my bet is your in a major city, guess what thats they’re only strong markets (They even admit it) The only carriers that are good out here are VZW and ATT, and ive had both and VZW is the best.

john smith says:

Your right, companies are blocking ring tones, and other features bc of a simple phrase, copy right infringement! The music industry is do that part of this, NOT the Mobile companies. And the person who likes T-Mobile, WHERE DO YOU LIVE? Must be LA or the west coast, bc that is the ONLY places they work! There will still be a few of the Regional carriers that hang around, but in the end, VZW and ATT will be the last standing. And if you dont have Vcast yet, just wait until you do, ITS GREAT! You can do so much with the service it is unbelievable. And if you were getting those dropped calls on VZW, you cant buy a PINTO and expect it to run like a BMW! No matter what company you are with. Cant wait for the merger!!!!!!

nicole says:

I just recently expierenced the whole alltel buying midwest wireless ordeal which happened a year ago or so, and very disappointed over everything that happend with the whole merger and all.. What a pain in the A** for almost everyone. Now that alltel has finally started getting stuff straightened out they are once again gonna switch companies and BAM things are gonna get all screwed up again. ( If they don’t YAY!) but reality check, things are not gonna go over that smoothly. It’s great that were getting such a great company like verizon to take over alltel, but seriously alltel was “supposedly” GREAT too when they took over and look where that has got them.
FRED***** is absolutly correct on the alltel bewares… good luck

randy says:

I have been with Alltel for 6 years, and I’m sorry to see them getting bought out by Verizon. I had Verizon before Alltel, and I’m pretty sure I will be shopping around for new service once my contract is up. Verizon = horrible customer service and high prices. I’m sure losing a big competitor won’t help either of those situations either. Competition brings innovation and lower prices, this won’t be a good thing!!

chuckr says:

cell service

I’ve never had Alltel, But I do have Verizon and it’s the ONLY company that has cell service that comes in where I live. I live in the country and have no problems getting a signal. I’ve downloaded wallpaper and ringtones with no problems. I have VZNavigator and it’s GREAT! Their prices aren’t that different from their competitors. I love Verizon and wouldn’t change for anything.

Anonymous Coward says:

i’m gonna be laughing when all of the alltel customers lose their options they love.. Suncom dug a huge hole into debt with cheap ass unlimited plans, so did alltel.. the alltel phones also don’t support verizon data services due to software limitations, so other than voice and text, people will have to buy new phones

it’s gonna be interesting

BMK says:

Re: Get over it!!!

Um this is not true. I live in the central part of nebraska and altell is the best but i work in the western part during summer and i have no service most of the time. I looked at verizon map and and they have less service area out that way than altell so this is not helping me any. If they want to keep my service they need to build more towers out there or im gona go to viero cuz one of my coworkers has viero and he had way better service than i did.

Another Voice says:

You should really read what "In" calling is...

I am using Verizon and found out the hard way that “In” means – if you place a call to another verizon phone “You” don’t get charged minutes (this is good). If that other person is someone on your calling plan (i.e. Wife or Kids) they do. True you only lose half as many minutes but brother “IT AIN’T FREE” someone is getting popped for the minutes.

Also AT&T offered one number you could call for free (i.e. Home) Verizon does not – that I’m aware of.

Hello kitty says:

Looking forward to Verizon Wireless

I am getting a new phone in a a couple of days. I have left AT&T and looking for a new plan. Verizon looks like they are the best. But I was going to go to Alltel but since they bought out with Verizon. I think I am going with Verizon Wireless. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THEM.
“CAN U HEAR ME NOW?” But hope the serive will be great, live in South Carolina

disappointed says:

Not happy at all

Left Verizon because their bills were NEVER right. And they claimed to not receive payments constantly even though they were electronically done. I ended up using BillPay to pay cell phone bill so that they could not jack me around. Worked like a charm. They would call me back in about 45 minutes and say it is taken care of. Let them fight with another big company instead of just one little voice of mine. Left them for Cell One in the end because it just got old being hassled with that. Alltel bought Cell One in my area. Loved Alltel and when I moved I kept them. Have had their service for about 7 years now. Verizon’s customer service is non-existent. And I am convinced that they do not have even a 6th grade education. AT&T will be getting FIVE new contracts from this customer when the change is completed. AND I will be changing the company I manage to them. And in the meantime they receive all payments thru billpay. Shady operation from a billing perspective.

printing (user link) says:

Running with the Redwoods

While in Rotarua, Jen and I decided to take a jog around the lake, but the overwhelming stench of sulphur and lack of a proper path around the water forced us to turn back. After chatting with a few friendly locals, we learned that there was a far more scenic—and far scaffolding less smelly—jog to be had through a national park just a ten minute drive from the town center. Jen and I took a quick spin over to Redwood Forest Park to find tens of thousands of acres of towering trees and rolling green hills laced with enough hiking and biking trails to keep even the most dedicated outdoor enthusiast fascinated for months. Thanks to the help of one amazingly kind Kiwi (who literally stopped us three times to show us the proper twists and turns on our jogging path), Jen and I experience an absolutely breathtaking sunset run and felt like we were truly running at the feet of plastic injection molding ancient, enchanted giants.

Bill says:

bad bad bad service

Never had a dropped call with alltel until Verizon took over THIS IS JUST THE BEGNING.Customer beware!
I tried Verizon on a thirty day trial no questions asked when Verizon came to Florida back many years ago, what a mistake. after 10 days of countless dropped calls nonexistent customer service I canceled. All was well they picked up ALL!! of my equipment and then charged me for ALL of the equipment. numerous letters and calls no luck, pay up or else. I took the or else and that knocked my credit.Great company If they were on fire I wouldn’t peeeee!!!!! on them CROOKS & VANDALS
Very sorry to see alltel go. WE WILL SWITCH of course.

Holly says:

I use to have Verizon before Alltel. There service wasn’t too bad here in NC, but Alltel prices were more reasonable. My plan I have now includes 900 mins, 10 free numbers, and about 600 text messages for 100 bucks!!!!! I looked up Verizon’s Plans today, ITS RIDICULOUS! What the hell would I do with 1400 minutes just so I could have my 10 free numbers again!!!!! It’s such a rip-off.

jaguar says:


I have Verizon and switch to Alltel.I switch to Alltel because i was told by Verizon rep. that if I go to the Bahamas my phone was’nt go to roam.(Wrong!!)My bill was over $600! I had other problems with Verizon in the past but was tring to be a loyal customer. It end that day.When I called Verizon I was told after going back and forth with someone in management THIS IS HOW WE MAKE OUR MONEY! I’m going to really miss Alltel. My contract is up on 2 of my phone in 5 days. The other 2 I will be paying a early termination fee. Former Alltel customers beware your in for a rude awaken. Verizon may be nice now; but wait you will see.

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