Google AppEngine Pricing: Get In For Free; Only Pay If You Drive Serious Traffic

from the watch-out-amazon dept

I’ve already explained why I believe Google’s AppEngine could be a big deal if implemented well (still an open question). One of the open questions was price, though you could (and we did!) take a guess based on the original announcement. Well, now Google has released the pricing and it’s pretty much what we expected: the platform is totally free for anyone who isn’t driving that much usage, but as you ramp beyond a certain level, fees kick in. Those fees seem pretty similar to Amazon’s fees (some minor differences, but not that many will notice). Assuming that the rest of the system works well, the free bottom end will hopefully lead to some interesting innovations. For developers, the only cost of building and testing a web app is their time. This effectively lowers the barrier for developing new web apps even further. For years there was talk about how cheap it was to develop web apps these days compared to a decade ago. With Google’s offering, it’s even cheaper.

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Comments on “Google AppEngine Pricing: Get In For Free; Only Pay If You Drive Serious Traffic”

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Adam Fisk (profile) says:

Where App Engine Spanks Amazon's Web Services

I’ve gone into details on my blog of how Google’s new pricing model clarifies the differences between App Engine and Amazon’s AWS. For web applications, it’s shocking how badly Google beats Amazon for:

1) Scaling
2) Database details
3) Price

The details are here:

Amazon still has a place for many applications, but Google wins by a wide margin for the most common applications type — web apps. They’re more of a domain-specific cloud service.


charlie potatoes (profile) says:

apps mail and MX records

I signed up for google apps and got the free email with my domain name… .. instructions told me how to do it and it included a trailing dot being placed at the end of each entry in my MX . well, my domain controls (on yahoo) wont allow it. so i talk to yahoo support.. they say google is wrong.. and i can’t find a phone number anywhere to contact them. anyone know a google customer service number, or does such a wonder even exist? I know this isn’t the proper forum but I’m kind of desperate. thanks for any help

mobiGeek says:

Supporting the true inventors

Inventors, musicians, authors, etc. historically are one and the same. They tinker in their basements/labs/porches/garages satisfying their curiosity. From time to time come out with a “voila!” (or “eureka!”), which they might then turn to monetizing.

Google’s new application development platform encourages this type of invention. Should it lead to innovation, then both the developer and the publisher (Google) cash in.

This is different than the typical print publishing and recording industries current business approach. They usually force the inventor to pay in advance for the publishers’ tools and services via a “must-make-N work of arts” contract locking the inventor out from most of the financial rewards (and often from the rights to their own invention).

It will be very interesting to see what comes about. I wonder if a Facebook or other sensation will have its roots seeded by Google. I also wonder what Google might do should they see the early potential in one of their seedlings…

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