Cablevision Might Be Better Off Not Talking To Newspaper Experts

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Long Island-based cable company Cablevision is buying Long Island-based newspaper Newsday from the Tribune Company. While not all of Cablevision’s shareholders are happy about this, it seems pretty likely the deal will go through. What’s interesting, though is that Cablevision’s Charles Dolan is admitting that the company knows very little about the newspaper business, but he’s promising to “consult widely and seek advice from people who have backgrounds and are professionals in the field.” To be honest, my first reaction on reading that is that doing so is the exact wrong thing the new owner of a newspaper should be doing. It seems like there are so many folks in the newspaper business these days who are still living in the past, trying to pretend they can bring back the glory days when there was no real competition. What newspapers need these days might be a completely different mindset, rather than one encumbered by the legacy thinking that has made it so difficult for many newspapers to adapt to the changing market.

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Comments on “Cablevision Might Be Better Off Not Talking To Newspaper Experts”

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Chuck Norris' Enemy (deceased) says:

Who you gonna call?

Charles Dolan,
Contact Mike Masnick at the Techdirt Insight Community to help you get pointed in the right direction on your newspaper acquisition.

Can I have some official company letterhead to mail this to Mr. Dolan? I doubt he reads the blog.

Nicholas Iler says:

“trying to pretend they can bring back the glory days when there was no real competition”

You said that right! This is a strange sector of business theorist. They are the reason the Internet belongs to the people now. I’m glad they have been so ignorant. If they took it more seriously the Internet with be full of copyright notices and subscription (paid) services. But today the Internet is mostly free and the small cat can finally eat a big fish.

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