Chilean Hacker Uses Anonymous Coward As Nom De Hacker

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When Slashdot first started up, it automatically put the name “Anonymous Coward” into its comment system for anyone who chose not to leave a name. When we started using Slashcode ourselves in the early days, we followed suit, and have kept it up ever since (which still gets amusing when people assume all of the Anonymous Coward comments are by the same person). However, it looks like a malicious hacker (or, cracker, if you must) in Chile has decided to take that name a bit further. After stealing data on 6 million Chileans (including the daughter of the president) and posting it all online, it came out that the hacker was using the name “Anonymous Coward” to brag about his exploits. Hopefully, the Chilean police don’t now try to shut down Slashdot.

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Comments on “Chilean Hacker Uses Anonymous Coward As Nom De Hacker”

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The Masked Anonymous Coward says:

Not when Slashdot began...

Actually the anonymous coward came in to existence only when Slashdot instituted the name registration system.

In the time before time and 7300 digit user id #s and grits and Natalie Portman comments, Slashdot actually had a comment system that allowed users to fill in their name on each and every comment. Then came the comments that name stole Bruce Perens and the loss of innocence and meta meta meta moderation points…

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