NY Indie Record Shop Continues To Reinvent Itself Online

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A little over a year ago, we wrote about the plans by the popular indie record shop in NYC, Other Music, and how it planned to adapt to the changing marketplace for music buying. The store recognized that it couldn’t sit still and wait to be consumed like its former neighbor down the street, Tower Records. So it set up its own online download store, with DRM-free tracks for sale from indie acts. However, the real key to its business was in recognizing what the real benefit of a good indie record store has always been: the knowledge and recommendations from the staff (and having been to the Other Music physical store years back, I can attest to their knowledge and recommendations). Business Week has now checked in with the store’s owners, who note that the new venture is still very much in its nascent stages, but that they’re quite optimistic about where things are headed. “I feel like there’s a lot of opportunity if you’re willing to shake up your way of thinking, and approach things in different ways and experiment and take chances.” Contrast this to what you heard from execs at Tower Records as it failed, or from the record label bosses who refuse to change.

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Comments on “NY Indie Record Shop Continues To Reinvent Itself Online”

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cause mikes an idiot, as usual says:

not only are there grammatical and presumably spelling errors “Contrast this to what you heard from execs at Tower Records as it failed or from the record label bosses who refuses to change.” but the story fails to realize the “why” its b/c tower record execs are making at least high 6 figures, the indie record shop guy barely pays for his subscription to high times.

mike, as usual, quit

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Erm… I think Tower Records failed because it stuck to the volume selling business model that stopped being viable around the year 2000. Besides, who works in a record store for a high salary? If that was the main issue, why aren’t other chain stores in other industries gone, since no retail work is highly paid?

“mike, as usual, quit”

Troll, as usual, can’t be bothered to identify himself or give any kind of coherent or logical answer to back up his “points”. Also criticises someone on their grammar while refusing to use capital letters at the beginning of sentences.

SteveD says:

Indie is the future?

This is similar to a story in the UK of a while back regarding Rougth Trade; the label-turned-record store. In the gloom of a failing retail business the management had decided to expand by focusing on what they could offer their customers; a music service rather then just music sales. Staff that could talk to their customers and make recomendations, lessons for young artists and a corner for musicans to play in.


mike (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Sure it is easy to find, but an article about an online entity should at least be able to point you to that entity.

This store reminded me of Ameoba Music (amoeba.com)in LA. I don’t know of there online experience, but in-store is cool. Astor Place in NYC has a lot of 2nd hand stores. I used to buy a lot there when I lived in NYC (~5yrs ago). The best was Mondo Kims (MondoKims.com).

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