IFPI Continues To Pressure ISPs; ISPs Start Pushing Back

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We’ve seen over the past few months that the IFPI has started a world-wide strategy of suing ISPs for not stopping file sharing. This is silly, of course. An ISP should not be responsible for what people do on its network, and forcing them to cut off a lot of perfectly legal activities just to protect an obsolete business model is especially troublesome. Unfortunately, the IFPI’s early successes have only emboldened the group, leading to more pressure and more lawsuits. Luckily, at least some ISPs are standing up to the pressure. TorrentFreak notes that Swedish ISP TeliaSonera is aggressively pushing back against legal threats from the IFPI, noting that it has no legal responsibility to cut off file sharer, and the IFPI is really pushing its luck trying to claim otherwise. Somehow, we doubt that the IFPI is going to give up so easily — and it certainly would be nice to have an ISP win one of these battles in court, so stay tuned…

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Comments on “IFPI Continues To Pressure ISPs; ISPs Start Pushing Back”

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troye says:

these people are killing themselves and us in the

The goal is to stop illegal filesharing.

The ways that I can illegally fileshare are:
download it off of a file server (Rapidshare, etc.)
sneaker net
at a lan party

My ISP can ATTEMPT to stop me, but they will fail. Why don’t these people start selling their content online without DRM for a fair price. It’s just beyond me.

I mean, it’s not as if these content providers will stop illegal filesharing. The more attention they give to it, the more they lose.

And if these content creators do stop illegal filesharers, our society will die. As silly laws will be created to cater to those rich stupid people (people who own the content company)that infringe and erode ALL our civil liberties.

I warn you all!

uNoWhO says:

wouldnt it be even better if they asked there own isp to block other users from BT and they had to stop putting out fake/trap .torrent files or even better there isp stops service on there net accounts due to illegal activities (threats, illegal emails, fruad, acting like they are a authority when they have no jurisdiction, lol maybe even impersonating a government offical)

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