While US Blames P2P For Everything, EU Invests Money In It

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US politicians have, for years, been coming up with bogus arguments about why P2P technology is just plain evil. Most of these have little to do with file sharing of unauthorized material, but you can bet that it was the entertainment industry who put these ideas in our elected repesentatives’ minds. There was the bogus claim that P2P was responsible for porn on the internet (despite the fact that studies have shown there’s no more porn on P2P networks than on the rest of the internet). Then, of course, Congress started talking about how P2P technology was responsible for identity theft and was potentially endangering national security.

Over in Europe, however, the good news is that some folks there have at least realized that P2P is merely a tool, and as such, can help enable very good things as well. That’s why it’s nice to see the EU invest $22 million in helping to build a new, open source, BitTorrent client, designed to help broadcasters better distribute their content. Kind of nice to see in comparison to the grandstanding and misleading rhetoric coming from US politicians, blaming a technology, rather than recognizing that the technology itself is neutral.

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Comments on “While US Blames P2P For Everything, EU Invests Money In It”

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Lawrence D'Oliveiro says:

Not so fast...

There’s guaranteed to be DRM involved! Note that the BBC are also investing, and they’ve already made it clear (through their existing iPlayer system) that they need to stick to contractual obligations that require them to restrict redistribution of their material.

I’ll bet the same is true of the other major investors

American says:

Actually its the Christians and Jews

Who keep us from buying booze on Sunday and after five. There are plenty of liberal religious freaks in this country and they hold us back just as much as any political side one wants to champion or condemn. Of course, if we were ruled by Muslims, we’d never have beer and porkchops so go figure. Maybe that’s the way to get behind the war… 😀

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