Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

Hatch Plans Legislation Against P2P Porn

from the missing-the-point dept

Senator Hatch, who has come up with quite a few quotes about file sharing that shows he has little understanding of what he's talking about, has been convinced by the music industry (who helps get him elected, of course) that the real evil of file sharing networks is all that porn - and he's going to introduce legislation against P2P networks. What he's missing is that this isn't a P2P issue - it's an internet issue. The pornographic images have always been on the internet, they're just using file sharing more and more these days. Also, what Senator Hatch is missing is that if the music industry (way back when) had actually embraced Napster (which limited sharing to music files only), we wouldn't necessarily have this problem. People would have been able to go online and share music without having to worry about porn getting in the way. The more they push this all underground, the more of a problem this becomes.

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    john doe, 18 Mar 2008 @ 7:25pm

    porn is alive and well

    your nothing but a pack of liers,the porn buisness is like
    big tobacco and they use the same excuse.don,t do it if u no better,but that saying will never ever stop what is going on.its been going on sence hugh hefner starting his was easy for him to get rich ,his parents was wealthy and they helped him.buisness tells me we live in the usa, nothings free here,they want 250.00 dollars to see if my invention is good,but if its not any good im out 250 dollars and they gain 250 dollars.and they say nothings free,sex is free for the porn men in the movies,u could,nt hold a gun to there heads to make them quit driven them young whites girls.and know law will stop them ,because there all in it together,its a mob or a gang.its legal prostatution,face it the law that we fear does what ever they want to do and lets a poor person pay for it.

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