Kids Are The Internet Experts – Understand Chat Room Risks

from the it's-the-parents-who-are-a-bit-slow dept

It shouldn’t surprise most people to find out that most kids consider them the internet experts in their household, as their parents are a bit slower on the modem. However, one interesting point in the study is that most kids say they completely understand the danger of talking to strangers in chat rooms. All summer, the news has been flooded with all these hype filled stories of a few kids who “disappeared” – while placing all the blame on chat rooms, and make parents believe that all online chat rooms are filled with (a) their kids and (b) evil people out to get their kids. As per usual, this view of the world gives very little credit to the kids – who are often smarter than their parents think. The kids say they know the risks of chat rooms, and they generally have little to no interest in chatting with complete strangers. The one area where the kids were a bit too gullible, according to the study, was believing all the online content they read.

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