Olympic Bloggers Learn The Rules; First Rule: No Blogging Anything Interesting

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The International Olympic Committee is known for their ridiculously overreaching attempts to claim intellectual property rights over all aspect of the games — including various efforts to have laws changed just to give the Olympics special trademark and copyright protection that would bar things that would normally be considered fair use. At the 2004 Olympics, we noted how ridiculous it was that the IOC even banned athletes from blogging anything about the event, afraid that it would upset the media companies who paid their millions of dollars for “exclusive” rights. About a year ago, they promised that for the 2008 Olympics they would allow some blogging, but the rules had yet to be set. Now, the IOC has come out with the official blogging rules for athletes participating in the Beijing Olympics, and they seem particularly burdensome.

Bloggers will not be able to post any audio or video (remember, that might upset the media partners). They can post still photos but only if they were taken outside of “accredited” areas or inside those areas if no sporting events can actually be seen in the photos. In other words: please make your blog posts as boring as possible and make sure they don’t include any of the stuff that people might be interested in. Then there’s a bit of a contradiction, as the rules state that blog posts should “adhere to the Olympic spirit,” but that “there should be no commercial reference or advertising.” That’s funny. I thought commercial references and advertising were the Olympic spirit.

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Comments on “Olympic Bloggers Learn The Rules; First Rule: No Blogging Anything Interesting”

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JB says:

Blog This

Soon we will have the first-ever athlete stripped of a medal for a non-conforming blog post.

Actually if I were a fringe world-class athlete I would purposely break the rules and blog about the actual events, along with plenty of forbidden photos. The ensuing publicity would drive tons of traffic to my blog and I could make a fortune on ads, and maybe even develop a show-business career based on the notoriety.

Search- Engines WEB (user link) says:


This is understandable, considering the huge costs to host and the billions of dollars invested and sponsored by the mainstream media.

However there are loopholes, Bloggers could group together and post collectively in one blog to give it more impact.

Also cell phone videos will probably be taken and posted on YouTube – meaning Bloggers could embed them in their blogs.

Interval (profile) says:

Boycott the Olympics

Boycott the damn show. Its being held in China. That should be enough, but let me make it clear; the Hu Jintao regime is a murderous gang of Thugs; they are supporting Darfur:

That’s just the latest, there’s always the violent suppression of Tibetan sovereignty and the crushing of human rights of their own people. If we have a hard time letting meat packers push sick cattle into the food supply we should have no problem not supporting another dictatorship. Fuck China.

Nick says:

We are missing the obvious here!

As we are not (presumably) olympic athletes, we are not bound. Therefore I suggest that that we start our own Olympic blogs, and include clips and material of brutality from Darfur and Tibet, with the caption “This item brought to you courtesy of the Olympic Comittee”.

It really doesn’t matter too much what the athletes or the commitee do, amateurs all over the world will be contrasting the supposed Olympic Ideals with those of the host nation, and the commitee that endorsed them.

Craig says:

Who cares?

Why would i spend my time searching for some althletes blog to see their video or photos of some random olympics event I could watch on TV?

Networks pay a ton of money to get the olympics on tv and the althletes are not there to be reporters, there is no reason for them to even be doing this. If the IOC wants to ban them from doing so to keep the network paying top dollar it’s their right. They need that money to buy all those stupid posters and banners that decorate the stadiums. Not to mention the medals…. alllll those medals.

Personally I have little interest in the olympics but it is a business and the athletes are their “employees” during that time, they are allowed to impose rules especially when their “employees” begin doing things that lower profits.

Anonymous Coward says:

Boycott the Olympics

I will not be watching the Olympics this year, or ever again. The IOC has the most utterly absurd ideas on copyright ever (they make the RIAA seem rational by comparison), it’s nothing but a giant festival for corporate greed, and at least a few athletes (like Marion Jones) are on steroids.

I suggest you all do the same. Don’t watch the Olympics. It’s all about money…it hasn’t been about actual sporting competition in years.

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