How Far Are We Away From Teleportation?

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Three years ago, scientists were able to successfully teleport the quantum state of an atom without any physical link. Since first understanding quantum entanglement nearly six years ago, how much closer are we now to human teleportation? It sounds like we’re not that much closer. Scientists have been focusing more on transferring the atomic state of one atom to another in a different physical location. However, since the process of transmission destroys the original atom, multiple copies of the atom are not being created. That said, Star Trek style teleportation may not even require complete transmission of the quantum state. Charles Bennett, of IBM Research, believes that in principle, human teleportation would be possible by scanning the bio-molecular structure. He states that the “teleported person would end up slightly different, but not in a biologically important way.” However, we are still clearly quite a ways away from even attempting such a feat to be truly concerned about the ramifications yet — we are made up of approximately 1028 atoms, so the technology to scan and reproduce at such a scale is not even remotely possible yet. So, while theoretically possible, scientists are pessimistic about teleportation’s realistic feasibility. For now, it looks like the only teleportation we’ll be seeing is on television — but then again, never underestimate the ingenuity of inventors and entrepreneurs.

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Comments on “How Far Are We Away From Teleportation?”

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no (user link) says:


Teleportation will never succeed for the simple fact that you can not transport all of these atoms in a human. You can scan them and duplicate them elsewhere, but you can not actually take one that is here and make it appear on the other side of the planet. So once you create a duplicate of the person elsewhere, you have to address the original. I suppose you’ll have to find a painless way to destroy it.

And of course, then you have the decay as each transport causes each copy to become less and less perfect; deviating off from the original until cancer, retardation or any other number of disasters set in.

DNeoMatrix says:

Re: never

Not true…. The actual teleportation that they are talking about actually destroys the original atom in the process of teleporting it, so that destruction will be what handles you’re … deletion of the original. The biggest problem I guess is getting all the atoms to link together in the same bonds as before the teleporation. Teleporting the atoms and getting them to be built up together are two different things.

JoeNoSpam says:

Re: never

“will never succeed”…Huh? It’s theoretically possible, and NEVER is a long time.

You say it creates the delimea of a copy? No duh. That’s not a big deal.

Then you talk about degradation…there needn’t be any. Once this is possible the copy would be created from digital data, and there is no loss of quality/integrity when it comes to digital reproductions.

Awesome Mr Ethan says:

No no no, teleportation is totally possible and I’m sure it will happen in my lifetime. As soon as we build a feasible time traveling machine, all we have to do is go into the future and fetch it back. There’s almost no science involved in that whatsoever.

Donating money to a time-traveling device research fund could relate to almost anything; you could say you were donating to a charity that would at some point be able to find a cure for cancer.

Ray Jenson says:

Re: Impossible Things in History

In the late 1700’s, it was said to be impossible for a vehicle to propel itself. Something else, such as a person, the wind, or a horse, had to make it go. When steam locomotion became a reality a short time later (1804), that impossibility was realized. Apparently, nobody told George Stephenson.

People in the 1850’s said black people would never be free. Tell that to Rosa Parks.

In the 1860’s, someone mentioned in a newspaper (I forget which) that someone has asked why trains ran on a railroad track, and found the question absurd enough to run an editorial about people using their brains before writing a letter to the newspaper’s advice column, and that steering a locomotive at 30 miles per hour would never be practical because of the weight ratios involved. The horseless carriage was invented in 1873 in Racine, Wisconsin.

In the 1870’s, most people considered the dream of human flight to be impossible. Let’s not tell the Wright Brothers, who flew the first powered flight in December of 1903.

In the 1900’s, it was said that radio would never reach a national audience.

In the 1920’s, the idea of transmitting pictures over a radio signal was positively absurd. Television was demonstrated in 1935, and RCA developed the first color television in 1941. HDTV was considered impossible in 1960 because digital signal compression technology hadn’t been invented yet. Today there is a television in every home.

In the 1940’s, it was said that computers would never be practical for the average Fortune 500 company. In 1960, it was said that only the largest companies would ever be able to own a computer. In the 1970’s, it was considered impractical to have a home computer, and networks were never going to be necessary for in-home use… though they might be a playtoy for the filthy rich.

In the 1950’s, they said black people would never be a part of polite society, or even hold political office. Tell that to Barack Obama.

In the 1950’s, they also said no human could withstand travel at above the speed of sound. In the 1970’s, Concorde unveiled its SST passenger jets.

In the 1980’s, it was impossible to have an international computer network infrastructure with enough bandwidth to service the whole world. Only businesses and colleges would ever need it anyway.

All of this illustrates two very basic rules:

1) With enough repetition, costs for technology come down.
2) With enough study, the impossible can be made possible, if technically feasible.

The only question in my mind is how long it’s going to take us to get there. I doubt it will be in my lifetime.

Jerk says:

Re: Re: Impossible Things in History

That’s great and all, but all your points have one thing in common, they’re technically feasible. Quantum teleportation is concerned with the transmission of the information (spin and what not) of photons and atoms, information != matter. Using the present techniques, we’ll never see teleportation in the classical sense.

Pwner says:

Re: Re:

You both are morons. Who are you Never to say it’ll NEVER succeed. Maybe there won’t be any copying, just transportaion. On top of that Mr Ethan, you realize how improbable time travel really is? Too many things would go wrong, and unlike teleportaion, NEVERs dumb comment is actually correct in that instance. Then you would have tons of copies everywhere and who knows if true consciousness would stick with the original copy or be left behind or be simply duplicated.

James says:

Re: Re:

Ahh but if we simply fetch it from the future via a time machine, then that would create a paradox as where did the future versions of ourselves get the technology from? They also would have gone into the future to get it, and the same for those future people and so on until infinity, so that my friend is also impossible as something needs to be invented for it to exist in the future.

Anonymous Coward says:

plus, you know, even though you are creating a new person identical to the original, you’re kinda murdering the original person in the process. like in the movie, the prestige.

i mean, it would take a lot of balls to step into that hypothetical teleportation machine knowing that you were going to be incinerated while some shmuck that doesn’t even exist yet is going to get all your memories, your looks, get to bang your wife, AND get to go where YOU wanted to go.

count me out. i didn’t want to see endor that bad anyway.

inivex says:

Re: Physics

If you think about it, there would need to be a device to do the teleportation either my means of moving atoms, or converting existing atoms/molecules. The device would need a power source. This is essentially the same as you dropping a ball. The energy to fall wasn’t created, it was converted from food by the device (you) moving the subject (the ball).

Joel says:

Re: Physics

Potential energy isn’t energy (read “potential”). It’s a term to describe an object that has the capacity to be acted upon by a force. Therefore, all objects in the universe have potential energy.

Put simply, a rock teleported 10m into the air has a relative momentum of zero. Since that rock is inside Earth’s gravity field (assuming the teleportation experiment happened here) it would then be acted upon by the gravitational force wherein the rock would accelerate at 9.81m/s² towards the ground.

Corbin says:

Re: Physics

Ah, yes. if you teleproted a rock 10m into the air it would have potential energy from falling it didnt have before, but you are not creating energy becuase you use energy in the from of electricty(used to power the teleportation device.) to re-locate it there. therefore still follows the law of conservation of energy.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Physics

actually the rock would have potential energy from the forces of gravity applied to it when it is in a state of rest pre-teleportation. After you moved the rock to the height, the energy then becomes kinetic due to the same forces of gravity. Thus, there is no energy being created, simply reapplied in the new location.

Boost says:

Re: Re: go learn something

Probably not…I once read a quote that was something along the lines of the fact that no one really understands quantum mechanics. If you think you understand quantum mechanics then you probably know very little about it…or something along those lines. Anyway, folks, the energy levels to acomplish teleportation or creating gravity wells to warp space and send a ship across the cosmos are mind boggeling. And so far advances in nuclear fusion have been very slow and not so steady, so I don’t see us generating that sort of erergy any time soon. And just say if we did, I’d really like to meet the person who has the guts to volunteer for that first ‘human’ test. Let’s really stop talking about this, please. Damnit, I can’t believe you dragged me into this!
Piss off!

Anonymous Coward says:

The only real thing that concerns me is that “He states that the ‘teleported person would end up slightly different, but not in a biologically important way.'” So what is deemed biologically important? Functions needed to survive and operate properly, right? Well what if my teleported-self has major personality disorders that I never possessed due to a missing atom somewhere or some such disaster? That concerns me before any of the other immediate possibilities.

chris says:

Considering we are just a configuration of energy all that would be required for teleportation to be possible is for there to be a way to break down that energy, trasnmit it to the desired location, and reassemble it instantaniously. To do so however would probably require a gigantic amount of energy that would require more resources than practicaly available for any type of travel except inter-galatic, so don’t get your hopes up for ever seeing its fruition. In all reality reaching the speed of light is much simpler.

mark says:

I have incontrovertible proof that teleportation is possible. The only problem is a limited number of destinations.
Step one: Climb the fence into an electrical substation with the warning not to climb the fence. Step two: reach up and touch something the signs say you’ll die if you touch them.
Instant teleportation! The matter left behind isn’t expectly human in appearance nor aroma, but there has yet to be anyone return to claim it.

Dwale says:

obviously this is not real teleportation described here. this is a process wherin the original person would be destroyed (murdered as their body was vaporized) then a new, imperfect copy of their body would be created elsewhere at a new location by rearranging molecules in the environment at the subatomic level.
But would the new person have memories and personality same as the original? what is a person? is there a soul? if you believe this then teleportation would never ever work in this way unless you could teleport the nonphysical essence of a life as well.

Whoa Nelly says:

Re: Re: 1028 atoms?>>pretty sure poster knew this.

Holy crap, I can’t believe how many people thought they had to correct a JOKE! Pretty sure ‘hello’ was being silly and pretending to be dumb…I chuckled…you corrected his math. Geeze you anal-retentive humorless armchair physicists need to loosen your collars a little bit. Kinda reminds me of Star Treks Data-all that technical knowledge and still a social retard.

Open a window once in awhile, chat up a bimbo at a bar, or maybe even move out of mom’s house 😉

Anonymous Coward says:

But this could be used for other uses.

Imagine being able to manipulate one atoms quantum state on earth, and have another receive the changes on another planet. Near Instantly. Connect that up t a pair of computer systems and use it instead of radio communication. Unlike the radio, there’s no lag time. Direct communication between planets in near real time. Sod transportation, look at simple communciation.

zcat says:

I'll settle for genuinely immersive telepresence

If we can find a way to use quantum entanglement for high-bandwidth zero latency communication, we could work on genuine telepresence. Either by people meeting in a virtual world, or by one person controlling a physical ‘avatar’ or robotic clone of themselves at a remote location and immediately experiencing everything the avatar experiences.

That would be just as good as teleportation, without all that messy transfer of your mass times c^2 amounts of energy which teleportation is usually expected to require..

PT says:

First steps in teleportation.

I think the very first steps of teleportation is in communications or data transport. Can you imagine, for a moment, being able to instantly send command signals to a space probe millions of kilometers away and get instant feedback? Instant images and data returned for analysis, and so forth? On earth, instant communication to anywhere on the globe with almost no latency. No landlines and fiber optics to worry about. Instant teleport of whatever data you want, whenever you want. Yes, a whole new set of problems will result from this, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I’m just excited to finally realize we may be inching closer to real instant communications.

Then once we have that down practically, maybe the next step is true wireless power transmission. Space based power generation (such as huge solar panels maybe?) delivering wireless power to earth? Maybe a designated location for all of a nation’s nuclear power generation and teleport the energy needs to where it’s needed? Powering a space probe remotely so it never runs out of “fuel”? Lot’s of possibilities if the science is possible.

Finally a workable transport mechanism to send things and ourselves anywhere. Faster than light travel in the purest sense.

Exciting times, if the science can prove all this possible, let alone practical.

Wolf0579 says:

It seems that we humans have a very good track record for being able to build whatever we can conceive. It may take some time, but one thing we should not do, is say “never”. (It’s a real long time, folks!) Just take a look at the last hundred years and how we’ve gone from horse and buggy to going to the moon and the planets! You nay-sayers out there are being short-sighted.

Sephiroth says:

First thing. How do you expect a machine to simply stack a bunch of atoms together, with a minimal error?? Until now we havent been able to create a living form using atom “bricks”, and you are already thinking in putting a machine somewhere so that it would grab amounts of atoms near it and reassemble them…yeah, energy is an issue…and what do you mean about destroying the original thing, simply obliging every atom to split?? Wouldnt that be stupid, and very hard to achieve (energy again, or burn him ^^). As we are getting closer to a quantum computer, instant communication is possible. And thats the only thing im sure, instant communication, using electron and other particles spin to communicate is being studied with enthusiasm.

Peter Thomas (user link) says:

Doubt it could ever be done!

To teleport would require just about all the energy ever produced by this planet. One heck of an electricity bill.

Also, you have to have a computer that ‘remembers’ where every single one of those 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms is at the time of capture, plus the direction they were travelling in. Hmm.

What kind of scanning device would do that? You’d need one hell of a RAID cluster of hard drives, and something that offers considerably more than 4,800 dpi resolution 🙂

Let’s stick to something easier, like time travel, invisibility or X ray specs…

Grobbendonk says:

For all the idiots who seem to think teleportation

Please, do the basic reading. Not on teleportation, but on information theory.

In order to teleport a living, self-aware, animate object (such as a human), you need to be able to transmit enough information to preserve the objects consciousness.

Transmitting a body might be ok – as long as you can do things like keep all the iron atoms located in the right place in the heamoglobin, it would probably be enough to keep the body alive.

But to transmit a human mind, you would need to be able to carry (at least) the exact position and momentum of every electon, proton, neutron and every other particle in the brain.

This is explicitly ruled out by Heisenbergs uncertainty principle.

Also, as Peter Thomas points out, atomic teleportation requires so much energy (without even considering the cost of assembling your particles back into something more advanced than elemental mush), it’s just not wortht.

jack says:

Stick to something you know about

There’s way too much misinformation on teleportation. Real teleportation is about transmitting information in the form of quantum observeables. There’s a little physical fact called the “no cloning theorem” which states that you can’t reproduce the entire quantum state of any unknown state (say that of an atom), let alone every atom in your body. And then there’s the uncertainty priciple, which states you can’t know an entire quantum state without changing it (so it’s no longer in that state). So Trekies, name your poison!

LesterRay says:

You'uns is certainly going to get mad at this one

Are ya’ll all a bunch of idiots? You might very well one day move a tea cup from one end of a lab to the other, maybe, butttt….Get real their is no past, it is gone. How can you rationally believe their is a future where you have already done something? Huh? To damn much t.v. Hey, I enjoy a good movie to but get real, you ain’t creating a soul and a spirit. Not even with cloning!!!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: You'uns is certainly going to get mad at this

How do we know souls an spirits acutally do exist? Its all hearsy, “except in the movies”.

When scientists discover something it could take them years, decades, or centuries to completely understand it. Not to mention to figure a way to utilize there discovery. I think teleportation may be possible, but they have to fix that whole “teleported person would end up slightly different, but not in a biologically important way.” Regardless, I say 50 years minimum before we see any real progress.

LesterRay says:

Re: Re: You'uns is certainly going to get mad at t
The Science of the Soul presents and explains the overwhelming scientific evidence discovered during the last 100 years that leads to the conclusion that each human being has a supernatural soul. The science upon which this is based is mainstream science including biology, quantum physics, and math. It is not based on paranormal occurrences, parapsychology, extrasensory perception, out-of-body experiences, or near-death experiences. The book identifies human capabilities and characteristics that cannot be explained by science as natural phenomenon and which are thus “supernatural” phenomenon. The book does not require an understanding of physics, chemistry, or mathematics and does not include solving any mathematical equations.
The book also examines statements by prominent scientists that are in agreement with the above-described conclusion. These scientists include:

Albert Einstein (developed the theory of relativity and contributed to the development of quantum physics), Charles Darwin (developed the theory of evolution), Stephen Hawking (astrophysicist), Werner Heisenberg (discoverer of the Heisenber uncertainty principle of quantum physics), Niels Bohr (contributed to the development of quantum physics), Erwin Schrödinger (developed the Schrödinger wave equation of quantum physics), William Provine (Cornell University professor of biological science and the history of science), Steven Weinberg (astrophysicist and winner of Nobel Prize), Marvin Minsky (MIT researcher in artificial intelligence), Richard Dawkins (Charles Simonyi professor of the public understanding of science, Oxford University and author of books on evolution), Sir John Eccles (winner of Nobel Prize for brain research), Henry Stapp (physicist at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory of the University of California, Berkeley) and others.

Mark says:


I think if it ever was possible, it would be a practical application when conducting organ transplans, getting a new heart fitted without the need to cut someone open. Hmm, i wouldnt want someone swapping my heart around while walking around London though, we would need some kind of passcode so we could pair ourselves up before swaping organs.

Anonymous Coward says:

This is the most singly bullshit article ive ever seen on techdirt.

Let me summarize it…

Are we any closer to teleportation than we were last time we reported this? No, no we arent. Now im going to pad this out for a whole paragraph, link to old articles with dead links instead of researching them myself and making sure they all still work. And then, to top it off, im going to put a Headline on it that makes people click their RSS feeds.

Goodo, thats 10 mins of my life im never going to get back. All for a little ad revenue.

You sir should be in the stocks.

Me of nowhere land says:

Great! They’re just forgetting the SOUL. It won’t be teletransported because it is not a material stuff (not made of atoms). They would end up with a body without a soul at the destination and a soul without a body at the departure. Translocation is not made that way. Watch “Earth: Final Conflict” series and you gonna get an idea what it must be, a portal connecting two places that lets people or stuff travel between instantaneous (or almost). Technology has been created already some decades ago in America, look for “Montauk Project” (“Stargate” series was losely based on that technology too).

spaghettihead says:

I love all that quantum entanglement stuff. I love how we are are amazed by “SPOOKY ACTION AT A DISTANCE”.

I love thinking about having ‘tendencies to behave’ and probabilities. As long as we enjoy this discussion, we will evolve.

The more I learn about quantum mechanics and all that good stuff, the more excited I get about the future. We are just beginning to get it.

PRMan (user link) says:

Death by Teleportation

I have long thought about writing a short story in my spare time about some scientists creating a teleporter and having it work on inanimate objects, plants and even animals, but with humans they die instantly and the scientists have no idea why.

And of course, in the end it’s because they didn’t believe that people have souls because they couldn’t see them or measure them.

Anonymous Coward says:

“I have long thought about writing a short story in my spare time about some scientists creating a teleporter and having it work on inanimate objects, plants and even animals, but with humans they die instantly and the scientists have no idea why.

And of course, in the end it’s because they didn’t believe that people have souls because they couldn’t see them or measure them.”

Sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry, but I’m sure it will be a big hit among the religious fanatics!

that guy says:


I cannot believe teleportation is being argued in this forum. 99% of you have no idea what you are talking about aside from what you googled about quantum physics (and maybe even newtonian physics: potential energy rock boy – Really? Are you serious?). Before you start discussing the possibility of teleportation, go get your PhD in physics and spend at least a decade collaborating with contemporaries in the field.

Stick to technology techdirters.

LesterRay says:

Teleportation is as old as recorded History

The whole concept of Teleportation has it’s roots in Spiritual realities. This has been documented in one of the most published books in the world and might I also say one of the most read books in the world. This book not only documents the science of the soul but also documents meriads of successful teleportations. It was all God’s idea and he holds the patent on it and is the sole proprietor of the working model. Documented in both the Old and New Testament:
Genesis 28:12
Genesis John 1:51
I Thessalonians 4:16 & 17
Revelation 11:12
John 20:19 & 20

Overcast says:

Well, considering most government money is used for kickbacks, wars, gaining control over the masses, corporate welfare, and waisted on other stupid pursuits, like asinine studies about frog sex, I seriously doubt we ever will.

Two big problems:

We have a lot of ‘courage’ pointing guns at everyone, and jailing them for stuff like smoking pot. But we lack moral courage in a very serious way.

And our technological science far exceeds our moral and ethical ability.

This being the case, mankind’s development is pretty well crippled. No about of technological science will fix moral issues. Until humanity comes together I don’t see anything like this working.

For if they did invent this – what purpose would it have? To eliminate the need for cars (not if the oil and auto companies have anything to say about it)? To teleport food to starving people? Or to teleport troops and bombs to the enemy?

Kirk (user link) says:

This is all based on assumptions

How can anyone actually be sure about any of this? A lot of science is based on assumptions and best guess.
The original post sounds more like a duplication machine than transporter. Also, why would the original have to be destroyed? Is it just to TRICK us to thinking that the person/thing was transported? More likely, the best way to utilize this bogus technology would be to have such information of scans of food/products in memory, then have them created on demand. Dare I say it, much like Star Trek’s replicators.
This stuff was talked about 2 years ago:

Tube Technology says:

I just want my Jetson's tube travel and flying car

Teleportation is fine to study by a small handful of physicists right now – push that technology as fast as we can and another 10-20 years we’ll be minimally ahead of where we are at whether 10 study it or 10^28 study it. I’m not saying to stop studying it – just let the few who are devoted to it now continue their work.

Let’s put more people to work on that tube travel technology though… now that’s something I can get behind and see real potential for in my lifetime. I’d almost give up my dream for a personal flying car if I could just shoot down a tube and get to work.

bmac (profile) says:

Needlecast and re-sleeve, not teleport

The totality of your mind is stored in a cortical stack that’s inserted in utero and stays with you until physical death. The stack records everything that ever happens to you, whether dreaming or awake; it also records every aspect of your mental being, i.e. your personality. The stack can then be inserted into a fresh sleeve (body/clone) when your current sleeve wears out, or can be needlecast across the galaxy to a waiting clone at the remote re-sleeving facility.

So you need to go to Mars: Your sleeve (body) stays here on Earth in hibernation, while you’re needlecast to Mars, and downloaded into a loaner sleeve.

The super rich have designer clones waiting in hibernation in case they get killed or seriously disfigured.

Of course, the Catholics are against technology that verges on real immortality, so they sign waivers against re-sleeving and accept real death.

I suggest you read the excellent work by Richard K. Morgan, who has done much research into these matters.

me says:

none at all

I’m more of a wormhole kind of guy. Or Holodeck. We are nearer to transfer atoms to yesterday than moving atoms from this dot “.” to this one “.”. I’m learning to become a physicist so please don’t flame me. But Overcast has the biggest point i read.

And hello dude, maybe you were joking, maybe you weren’t, the fact is that you said it and it was a dumb thing to say. You’d rather say something about “souls” than kidding with numbers. Imho.

D says:

Teleportation Discussion

Interesting discussions/arguments taking place here.

I am somewhat in agreement with the poster, Kirk. *Why* does the scanner destroy or disrupt the object/organism that is to be scanned?

Is there no way to come up with a type of scanner that can scan the object/organism without damaging it or disturbing it’s current state?

If a non-disruptive/destructive scanner could be designed, built and used then, what should/would be done with the scan subject (original object/individual) once the teleported object/individual were brought into existance?

Tesla says:

THIS IS NOT TELEPORT, THIS IS a FAX. I am surprised scientists believe in this wrong path..

Real Teleport don’t destroy and built things, only MOVES it.
Or better, the thing don’t move, is the space/time that is warped. You open a hole (with a strong magnetic field tuned on certain frequency) in the continuum of space/time and all is on it will fall into this “hole” and reappear immediately in another point of space/time. (another hole tuned? this is still a mistery, need experiments..)

This is the REAL teleport.

Legend said that Einstein teleported a ship (Philadelphia Experiment) by sorround them in a magnetic field tuned to the frequency of Earth magnetic field.
Nikola Tesla too is said to have teleported some things in this lab by experimenting on magnetic field.. (probably in the same way of Einstein)

THIS IS THE WAY TO GO AND RESEARCH, in my opinion. (not fax or cloning things..)

James Hyslope says:

Predicted in Mayan Calander // Teleportation

This is why I made the web search on this subject yesterday (when I found this possible) Link to video (2 parts) The 2nd video (at the very end of the video)it is mentioned that teleportation would be possible in 2007….so we are a little behind 🙂 *or conversion of calander was a little off (more like it) Remember if in a hurry, just view the last video….last part.

James Hyslope says:

Predicted in Mayan Calander // Teleportation

This is why I made the web search on this subject yesterday (when I found this possible) Link to video (2 parts) The 2nd video (at the very end of the video)it is mentioned that teleportation would be possible in 2007….so we are a little behind 🙂 *or conversion of calander was a little off (more like it) Remember if in a hurry, just view the last video….last part.

Bill Johnston says:


I believe teleportation is possible,laugh if you want, because I believe that I have experienced it.
In the summer of 1962 I called my wife, she was my girlfriend then, who lived half-way across town. She was at home and it was hot outside.
I told her that I would walk. She said it was not wise. I told her that I would be okay.
I stepped outside the front door of my home, blacked out and 1 minute later was in front of her home’s front door.
I knocked and she answered.
She believed that I was playing a trick on her and called from the neighbors.
1. The neighbors’ homes were too far away for me to get to her house in a minute. and 2. cell phones were not in use at that time.
She said that she had only taken a few seconds to answer may knock at the door.
She will confirm what I have written if you wish to write her at either or
I know this does not prove it, but she experienced a sudden lapse of time between our calls as I did by my arriving when I did.
It only happened once and never again. How it happened, I do not know.

Scientific Notations! says:


Teleportation is posible, for all you critics who say it isnt, well guess what…it is, sure its only a few protons that have been transfered but it could change modern life! just imaging getting super fast data transferrence in computers, we could make quantum computers that could transfer data faster then light itself! there are so many things we could do with teleportation, not just humans… derris ( the author of this topic) has explained that its not exactly for human teleportation, it could be. But the likelyness of it happening is extremely low… but never say never

William Rain says:


Although targeting a earth destination might be difficult. i really don’t think Teleportation isn’t as easy as going from point A to point B we may need to use a Borderworld with some sorta Focal Point to connect the dots and allow us to teleport to the destination we wanna teleport to. I think we need to construct a Lambda Team!

small clothier says:

1$F22816075I teleport

interesting that teleport seems to be referenced in many historically written and oral traditions.
maybe teleport is available but the combination of events that would allow it to occur can knot occur without a catalyst of sorts.
why it would work?
why it would knot work?
the intersecting lines of thought could give some clues. i do knot believe that the elimination of “what is possible and what is knot” gives a complete answer. especially if the answer is hidden! while the question is knot! how would you like someone to teleport into your home? could you tell if someone teleported right next to you?

my personal starting points is:
does thought have mass? it has been shown to operate as a wave. second is E=mc2. we seem to have looked carefully at the c2 and the m. but hidden within the equation is multiple references to constants. do constants truely stay the same at light speeds? does the constant pi remain the same? does the mathematics stay relavent at certain constants?

AWL (a sharp pointed object used to blind or A World Lives?)
Apart Y Ink
Alba C.

breach of peace judicative logic
white crane aka big bird legislative logic
garden of eden executive logic

Tyler D. Marsh (user link) says:

Very possible

The ability to teleport instantly, can be broke down. The atoms that make up the human body can be split up and then shot faster than rocket expulsion, to another location. After this the atoms just have to reunite back into a human body. I beleive instant-teleportation will be invented by the next 25-70 years. Scientists are just thinking outside of the box, if they think of it in a lot more simple way, it will be invented. When instant teleportation is invented, it will change human civilization greatly.

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