News Corp. Looks Set To Lock Down Dow Jones

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After months of negotiations, News Corp.’s bid for Dow Jones looks like it’s close to completion. A tentative agreement still needs to be ratified by the full board, but barring any last minute surprises, it seems as though the original offer of $5 billion will stand. The timing is great for News Corp., as it recently set a date for the launch of its business channel, and it will undoubtedly use the Dow Jones brand to bolster the channel’s credibility, helping it take on the industry leader, CNBC. It’s safe to assume that there are various measures in place designed to prevent Rupert Murdoch from radically changing the Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones’ crown jewel, but ultimately, once the Bancroft family hands over the keys, all bets are off.

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Comments on “News Corp. Looks Set To Lock Down Dow Jones”

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Charles "Red Beard" Griswold (user link) says:

Re: Kick ass!

Tell me you wouldn’t want your business news delivered by these women: Julie Banderas, Courtney Friel, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Megyn Kelly.

Arrr, ye can deliver me all t’business news ye care t’, me proud beauties!

Umm, sorry about that. I’ve been reading a bit too much of the Talk Like a Pirate Day website. 🙂

Hidden Force says:

Re: More

It’s funny how, compared to the far-left mainstream media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NY Times, LA Times, Time, Newsweek, etc.) that Fox News appears *so* “blatantly biased” when in reality they are just not as “blatantly pro-left” as the others are. If anything, they are just slightly just (as in mere millimeters) left-of-center. If by “factually inaccurate” you mean they don’t spew the same leftist propaganda that the other news outlets do, then you’re right, but their news presentation is still not the “far-right propaganda” that you are implying it is.

Yes, Fox News has hosts that are of a conservative bent (Sean Hannity, Ollie North, even Brit Hume), but there are just as many who are of a liberal bent (Alan Colmes, Geraldo, even Shepard Smith). Bill O’Reilly is perceived by liberals as being far-right, but he is perceived by conservatives as center-left, so he’s a toss-up.

In any case, if there was a news outlet that was as far to the right as the mainstreams are to the left, Fox News would seem like Pravda or China’s Xinhua News Agency in comparison.

In the end, I think the purchase of Dow Jones (and the Wall Street Journal) is a purely business decision to coincide with the start of the Fox Financial channel (as Joe mentioned) and has nothing to do with politics, so think what you want about FNC, but it has no bearing on the purchase.

Jeb says:

Re: Re: More

I would say the main difference between them is that they use the words “Liberal” to describe anything they don’t like.
The other new options while still lame don’t seem to invest as much time trying to spew direct propaganda about a political view that is not lining their pockets as directly.
While the other news sources may be ultra liberal or whatever they do not seem to be so crass and classless about it.
If a large piece of the moon fell into the earth the guys at fox news would find the last Democrat that had the opportunity to have some sort of preventative action about it and blame him (even if this was 75 years ago).
In fact I would say they are more about trying to establish the blame for each event then report that the event happened.
For the more fascist minded portion of our culture who would prefer more laws and control under the guise of protecting freedom this is business as usual.

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