Don't Sue DontDateHimGirl In The Wrong State

from the won't-get-you-very-far dept

There were already plenty of problems with the lawsuit filed by a guy upset about what some women wrote about him on a site called It has been widely discussed that the lawsuit against the site was poorly aimed, since the site was protected against libel charges under section 230 of the CDA. The site is just a service provider, which played no role in writing or verifying the content posted to the site, and therefore should have no liability for the content. However, it appears there was another problem with the suit: jurisdiction. The original lawsuit has been tossed out of a Pennsylvania court, with the judge noting that he has no jurisdiction over the site, which is based in Florida. With that, the liability issue wasn’t even addressed — but could certainly come back up if the suit is refiled in Florida.

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Comments on “Don't Sue DontDateHimGirl In The Wrong State”

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WhatTheHell says:

I say bad stuff about a lot of people too, including you, Anonymous Poster. But your smell notwithstanding… You americans need to stop TRYING to get offended, because it’s starting to leak into my nice clean unnecessarily-litigious-free world in Canada. I’m too busy trying to abolish the CRTC, take down my provincial government and send all the french separatists to France, who, surprise-surprise, doesn’t want them either. Why do I care what goes on in the US? Because it will all eventually end up costing me money in the long run, or even worse, corrupting the Internet to some horrible degree if some of your your crackpot politicians get their way. Seacrest Out.

Sanguine Dream says:

Just like that principal...

that wanted to sue over a made up myspace account this guy needs to prove the stuff she said about him was not true and (if they aren’t true) sue the bitch!

And besides that site is nothing more than a a bunch of angry women that want to make themselves feel better by annonymously bashing guys from the safety of their keyboards (keyboard kowards).

Casper says:

No Sympathy...

Girls always want people to feel sorry for them when they date losers… but they are doing to themselves. To me, that’s like asking me to feel sorry for you when your burning yourself with a lighter.

Here’s an idea, GET SOME STANDARDS! I can give you a real quick run down of things to check before dating a guy:

1- Are they employed?
2- Do they own their own car?
3- Do they have their own place?
4- Can they figure out how to wear a hat sideways?
5- Are their pants 6 sizes too big?
6- Do they refer to you as their b*tch?
7- Are they half way articulate?
8- Would they strike you in a fight?
9- Are they financially independent from their parents?
10- Are they within a few years of your age? (mostly applies for people in their late teens early 20s)

If any of those are incorrect then you don’t want to be dating them. Included below is a cheat sheet to let you know the correct answers:

1- Yes
2- Yes
3- Yes
4- No
5- No
6- No
7- Yes
8- No
9- Yes
10- No

lar3ry says:

False accusations...

The issue of false accusations is a valid one. People shouldn’t think that they have a right to drag a person’s name through the mud, especially if it is unprovoked or without any basis in truth. I think we’ve all heard the horror stories about a jilted lover posting negative stories or pictures of their ex… While it may be therapeutic to vent over a personal negative experience, the internet seems to have a very L-O-N-G memory, and once the damage is done, it’s difficult to undo it.

If the site seems to solicit negative postings, then there might be some justification. That doesn’t seem to be the case with donthatehimgirl, though.

If somebody were to start a “” site, soliciting horror stories about people’s bosses, and then getting sued for it, they may have some culpability. (Warning: I checked and that URL is valid, although it redirects to a career site. I still wouldn’t suggest trying that domain out on a work computer…!)

JS Beckerist (profile) says:


There is no right to privacy on the internet. If you are a fan of Japanese culture, and share it with those on the internet, then it becomes public domain. On top of that, your statement is not even relevant to the story! Hypothetically you’re describing something that could be construed as harassment in a court, but this is not even close to what’s happening here.

PlayerSnitch (user link) says:

I've been watching this lawsuit...

… because I run a similar website myself at and I have had lawsuit threats also. It’s too bad – because I was waiting for the CDA 230 toss in case I ever need to point to a precedent in a lawsuit against my own site.

BTW, I run an equal opportunity complaints department at PlayerSnitch: I have both men and women reported (but I’ll admit men outnumber women about 10:1). Want to vent about someone? You know where I am!

justiceserver says:

stupid website operators

There will always be problems with every website, but with it’s not just the posters, but also the operators of the site themselves! As one of the other posters stated, numerous of them are pretty stupid just to have anything to do with the loser dudes to begin with. But when they’re so retarded they can’t even understand english enough to be grateful for a good warning that’s posted, but turn it into something completely opposite, how frustrating. Then when you point it out to them and they know they’ve ‘lost’, just like the wussys they are they turn and run to the ‘authorities’ and tattle-tell on you to try and ‘get back at you’!! But then, even worse, the operators actually GO ALONG WITH IT!!!! So obviously, THEY ARE NO BETTER!
What does that tell you about them? E-gads…

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