Most Overhyped Hacker Loses Extradition Appeal

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The U.S. government isn’t known for downplaying supposed threats, which probably explains why they’ve continually referred to Gary McKinnon, the London-based hacker who broke into some military networks while high on drugs in an attempt to hunt down UFO info as the world’s “biggest” hacker (later adjusted to be the world’s biggest “military” hacker). The details suggest the guy was more like a traditional computer cracker who stumbled his way through bad military security into a place he shouldn’t have been — hardly the huge threat the government has made him out to be. He clearly broke the law, however (and he admits it as well). He’s been fighting extradition attempts, pointing out that the US government seems to be exaggerating his hacks a great deal, but the UK High Court has rejected his appeal, meaning he’s probably heading over to the US to face a trial, where the “biggest military hacker” tag will likely dominate headlines for a while.

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Comments on “Most Overhyped Hacker Loses Extradition Appeal”

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Anonymoous of Course says:

It's the old game

They catch this guy, or someone like Mitnick,
and screw them to the wall as a warning.

I feel sorry for him because the punishment will
be out of any proportion to the crime.

Instead of worrying about hackers how about
not loosing hard drives and laptops willy nilly.

In the end it’s all crap when companies like
Loral Corp can sell senstive technology to China.


Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Not quite...

They did screw mitnick over, he didn’t get the job till after he served his time. Same thing will happen with this guy. After he does his time, he will be able to charge whatever he wants to charge to big companies. Imagine having the “worlds biggest hacker” taking care of the security for your company.

Casper says:

Re: Re: Not quite...

“A poser? Do you even know anything about Mitnick? The guy was on the verge of being untraceable by hacking via cell phone systems when he was arrested. Try doing some basic research before making statements.”

He obviously didn’t do a very good job. Even intermediate level hackers have a very high success ratio of never being caught. By the way, being on the “verge” of being untraceable is the same as saying he was “close”, and “close” only counts with horse shoes and hand grenades.

I actually knew someone who got arrested for hacking into FBI systems a while back. The only reason they caught him is because he kept going back and got cocky… come to think of it, he was from England as well. Anyway, he was by no means a great hacker, but he managed to be invisible for years, and while he wasn’t doing anything malicious (just snooping), it defiantly made me worry about the security of the governments systems.

Monarch says:

If you’ve read previous news stories on this guys, you’d know he couldn’t hack his way out of a paper bag without help.
All he did was get known security exploits from message boards and try them on the US Govt. Sites in question. Got through on a couple. Kept snooping those sites for weeks at a time until finally someone on the US Govt side noticed.

He’s being tried for sheer stupidity, not hacking.

And any company that would hire him after he serves time, on his infamous title at least, would be hiring him through sheer stupidity too.

Black Ize (profile) says:

Really Good Hackers/Crackers are rarely caught.

I would in IT as a Security consultant and the ones that get caught are usually caught because they are not all that good. I had to spend over three months trying track down a hacker/cracker that broke in one of my clients systems. We never did get him just found where he had been. We couldn’t even find out for sure what information he was after. Those are the hackers you never hear about.

Casper says:

What did he hack?

All he did was get strung out and wander of the information super highway to look for UFO’s…. the little green man sitting next to him said he could. He is just stupid, as many others have said.

The government is going to blame him for the fact they suck at security… who knows how many REAL hackers jump in and out of those systems on a regular basis?

deargod_no says:


Why is it there are people out there who are ex-military who told him about this, and others on the record as knowing something of this sort was out there? Why 27 UFOs in Google Earth? What is going on in the tether video(STS-75)? Why is there a very tall spire in India made of solid steel that has only recently began to show signs of surface rust(it’s 5k years old) and the only matching element on this planet was a sample from the moon? Why do ancient Myan and Indian drawing show strange craft and odd shaped looking “people”?

These ponderings do not make me lose sleep, they only ecourage me to make better decisions in how I do my research, and who I listen to. Why look for it if you have more doubt than faith it isn’t there in the first place… BBC entertained this story, so carries some weight with me.

Jazzmyn says:

Waste of time and money

What an embarrassment to the United States,insisting on extraditing and prosecuting a guy high on drugs who was chasing UFOs. Don’t we have anything better to do with our hard-earned tax dollars, like finding Osama Bin Laden?

The real scary thing is, what if McKinnon’s the sane one and those of us who don’t believe in UFOs are the crazy ones?

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