Indian Chess Player Plays With Deep Blue…Tooth

from the shoulda-got-the-implant dept

We’ve had stories for years about kids using mobile phones to cheat on exams, but a guy in India has taken that to the next level, by using a mobile phone to cheat his way up the chess rankings. Over the last 18 months, he apparently bounded up the charts, as some noted that his odd style included always wearing a cloth cap that covered his ears. Turns out that there was a nice little Bluetooth earpiece stitched into the cloth, and there were accomplices using a computer relaying moves to him via a mobile phone. And, he would have gotten away with it too, if only he’d had the Bluetooth device implanted in his brain…

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Comments on “Indian Chess Player Plays With Deep Blue…Tooth”

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SirViceroryFizzlebottom says:

Oh, The Gayness

Instead of
[No more racist than saying “as in the shoes on most American people’s feet.”]
the following would be more appropriate:
[No more racist than saying “as in the fake smile on most American people’s face.”]

No…this is better,
[No more racist than saying “as in the homosexual tendencies of the first few individuals posting to this thread.”]
I know THAT can’t be racist…wait, are homos a race?

Daniel (profile) says:

Chess vs. Racism

I don’t blame you guys about not talking directly about the article – it really doesn’t have that much commentworthy. He cheated, he got caught, he got punished. If he had done it with notes passed to someone, it never would have made it here. The bluetooth angle just barely qualifies it for mention.

As far as the “dot” goes – I’m pretty sure caste marks are reserved for WOMEN in India – and not all of them at that. The reference is pretty lame and shows the ignorance of the poster more than anything else.

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