Get Your 2007 Christmas Wish List Started Early, With The Bluetooth Brain Implant

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Bluetooth headsets for cell phones cause plenty of consternation as they grow smaller and smaller, with it sometimes difficult to know if somebody’s making conversation with themselves, or actually speaking to somebody on the phone. The conundrum has one small-town newspaper columnist, who got a headset for Christmas, wondering if maybe a Bluetooth brain implant would be better (via Picturephoning). Back in the early days of Bluetooth, one of the marketing yarns was that it would get included in all sorts of devices, including household appliances. I remember one Ericsson video from a trade show in particular that featured all sorts of small appliances talking to each other, including a coffee maker and a VCR. I’ve never quite figured out why a VCR and a coffee maker would actually need to communicate with each other, but perhaps this columnist is on to something by suggesting it should be easier for them to talk to us. After all, it seems like the perfect way to further abdicate any personal responsibility for anything. The machine made me do it, or the machine didn’t tell me to do it — either way, it’s not my fault. Of course, the use of Bluetooth is crucial: after all, how else would you be able to have your brain control your MP3-playing breast implants?

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Comments on “Get Your 2007 Christmas Wish List Started Early, With The Bluetooth Brain Implant”

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Early riser says:

The greatest promise of the BT appliance

Was the alarm clock that would talk to the coffee maker. You set your alarm for an earlier time, and the clock would tell the coffee maker to make the coffee earlier. Also the various clocks would talk to each other to stay in sync.

I believe GE came out with a line of appliances that had bar code readers and a BT connection. You could scan a box of bread maker mix and the bread maker would talk to an expensive base station via BT and download the bread maker settings from the internet. I think they had a toaster oven and smoothie maker too. Woot was closing them out about a year ago. They were great deals too, but no one had the base unit.

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