Printing Stuff On Eggs: The Next Big Thing?

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CBS made some news a couple of weeks ago when it was announced the company would advertise its fall lineup on eggshells. While perhaps slightly interesting, the bigger issue seemed to be how people would take to having eggs they were buying being vehicles for ads, without any apparent benefit. Now, a British group has developed eggs with a logo printed on them in thermochromic ink, and only appears when they’re properly cooked (via Engadget) — perhaps saving even the worst cooks among us, who can’t even boil the proverbial egg. Marrying the cooking indicator with the ads seems to be the ideal marriage: consumers get some benefit, in exchange for their breakfast being used as a billboard, while some sponsor gets associated with a somewhat nifty invention. We can see it now: “This hard-boiled egg brought to you by the hard-boiled Army Rangers of The Unit, CBS Tuesdays”.

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Comments on “Printing Stuff On Eggs: The Next Big Thing?”

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Wire Cramped (user link) says:

Can anyone..

I trademark/copywrite first the idea of a body that regulates the cost of printing ads on the side of eggs so that equality in price is ensured and that the big media companies dont hog all the space.

I also trademark/copywrite the idea that the eggs are printed with ads that are directed toward the market in which they are sold.

I further copywrite/trademark the printing of ads on all other food substances that are sold in natural packageing I.E. Potatos, apples, oranges, celery, watermelons, or anything in the produce family or produce section of any store.


Jeff says:

what about finding some way to get the chicken to print on the eggs….now that would be innovation

Yeah no thanks to printing ads on eggs…the only valuable thing i can see being printed on them would be the expiration date, especially since you can never decipher the date on the carton, and most people toss out the carton to put them in their “fancy” egg holders that came free with their fridge

Black Wolf (user link) says:

I only eat organic eggs anyway.

I doubt they would make their way down to the little organic farms I buy from. But making the tasteless big company eggs into ads… not too big a deal. Like most people I have learned to block out most ads I see all day. Besides that, I never have my eggs boiled. =)

But yes, due dates on the eggs would rock.

Thanks for reading my 2cents worth.

ModernMan says:

I only eat organic eggs anyway

Dude, they’re eggs… the whole “tasteless” thing is all in your head… eggs are eggs are eggs… it doesn’t matter what they gave the chickens… dead chicken fetuses all taste the same… I’ve tried “organic” eggs and they don’t taste a bit different. Get the “natural is best” crap out of your head… or better yet, keep it in your head and go munch on a strychnos nux vomica tree and do us all a favor

Adam says:

Re: I only eat organic eggs anyway

…idiocy abounds.

the idea behind eating free-range and organic eggs is:

A). no hormones used on the chickens, no pesticides used on the feed for said chickens


B). the sweet little chickens dont have to live their pointless little lives in metal cages that are barely big enough for the things body, causing severe atrophy and premature death.

now… i’m no veginazi, so do what you like… i’m just saying keep it to ya damn self.

Indifferent Egg Eater says:

Re: Re: Re: I only eat organic eggs anyway

Why does it happen every time, someone has to come in and make a comment about someone else and how they don’t like what that person says? “I like my eggs natural” FINE! I would like mine too if it weren’t more expensive to get them that way. “People that think that more natural is better need to shut up” that needs to stop. I would rather talk to someone about the benefits of natural eggs than to hear someone coplain about another persons eating habits. Remember, you are not the one eating natural eggs, so get over it. If he likes them let it be! By the way, I have had natural eggs and yes they taste almost the same but my purchasing them did help out the natural farmers. I would rather help the little guy than give more money to the big one. So please use some sort of respect when reading the boards

ModernMan says:

I only eat organic eggs anyway

and the flames abound… all the hippies crawl out from their holes… where to begin… yes idiocy abounds Adam, while I agree to your point a, my point was that when “a” takes place no taste difference comes about from the action and any perceived taste difference is in the consumer’s head. I’ve heard all too often how everything “organic” tastes better, and while some does, most of it doesn’t. To address point b, well, frankly I’d rather not. It’s more filth being spattered down by organizations that are looking to earn money off of the degradation of companies, I know, there are plenty of farms in my area and the difference between here and the yuppie free range farms out in oregon where I lived for a short period is slim. To “modern man is ignorant”, as I just mentioned in the last sentence, I was recently residing in oregon, land of the yuppie shmucks and the “all natural” movement… until you’ve dealt first hand these people, you haven’t the slightest idea… the smug arrogance of that type is shouting out from Black Wolf’s post, maybe I notice it more because I’ve had first hand experience with that type… if you’re one of them then my advice to you is the same… go munch on a strychnos nux vomica tree and see how pleasant nature can be. To Anonymous Coward, it’s not an opinion… there are no taste differences between the two… and “all natural” isn’t always good for you, hence the tree comment. I’m not about to get into a natural / artificial debate, one is merely an inherent part of the other. Indifferent Egg Eater, you won’t hear about the “benefits of natural eggs”, at least not from any objectional point of view, talking to people from the “all natural” movement, they’re so wrapped up in their smug self-satisfaction of why they’re better than other people because they’re OG (organic [gags]) that they’ll refuse to listen to any scientific data claiming it to be “big business” and other garbage of the sort, just like with anthropomorphic global warming. In short these sort of people make me sick… they do nothing to contribute to anything except their own overly inflated egos. I can’t wait until they eat the wrong type of amanita and keel over and die.

Sanguine Dream says:

What I wanna know is...

It’s safe to assume that the egg comanies are getting paid by these advertisers to put ads on the eggs. That means the egg companies are getting additional revenue. One would like think that would lead to lower prices on eggs for consumers but we all know that extra money is going into someone’s pocket. Its goog thing that eggs aren’t that expensive.

Anonymous Coward says:

It will ruin EASTER!

There’s not enough PAAS to cover up an ad! We’ll all have to use those horrible shrinky things and those are a pain to break.

And as far as organics go…. I do not want to eat some weak teeny egg from an elderly crusty chicken butt. Grow em up, kill em young. Delish. Hormones are expensive, so you can bet the analysts decided it’s worth it for productivity. And just because the “organic” grower had to breed the chickens until they made comparable levels doesnt make it any more natural. There’s little natural about a domesticated agricultural animal.

Unvaccinated, Unmedicated, Uncaged mingling chickens are more often harboring disease and injury, dirtier, and your egg it not immediately harvested, it’s kept room temp for hours and sitting in poop. Yay!

And it’s not bad to eat hormones, just like all other proteins they get broken down to the amino acid level by the pepsin in your stomach. Load up my food with hormones, it won’t matter. (Hormone pills are specially coated)

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