Shareholder Astroturfing: Latest Tactic In Net Neutrality Debate

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We’ve spent way too much time on how both sides of the net neutrality debate have used astroturfing and other dishonest (or simply ridiculous) tactics to push their own side forward. However, it seems that every time you think you’ve seen it all, one side sinks even lower. The latest can best be described as “shareholder astroturfing.” A mutual fund that owns a tiny bit of Microsoft stock is trying to use that to force the company to issue a report explaining its stand on net neutrality — which, of course, the mutual fund claims is “expanded government regulation for the internet.” Microsoft is asking the SEC if it can ignore the demand, as it really has nothing to do with Microsoft explaining its position, but is really just a PR stunt by anti-net neutrality supporters.

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Comments on “Shareholder Astroturfing: Latest Tactic In Net Neutrality Debate”

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Verizon watchdog says:

Check their business partners

The answer to the microshareholder group is quite obvious: Verizon and Microsoft are partners. Check Verizon’s DSL offer. Oh, of course there is also the bundle with Yahoo! – which just happens to be a Microsoft partner. Net neutrality is not possible with such partners, and those are the “partners” customers have to deal with in many region of the country if they want DSL.

n00b says:

What are you afraid of, Mike?

Sounds like TechDirt and Microsoft are afraid to actually show a sound, studied rationale for supporting “Net Neutrality.” Why bother when you can live off of pathetic emotional claims like “Tollbooth on teh interwebs!” or “Craigslist will be blocked!”

It’s so funny to hear you whine about this. “Now I’ve seen it all.” Yes, heaven forbid a company actually be forced to explain its reasoning to its investors. If there’s such good reasoning behind it — as opposed to just being a selfish move by megacorps like Microsoft and Google — then let’s see it. Step into the real world, stupid ninja videos on just aren’t gonna cut it.

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