Ronaldinho Too Busy Scoring On Girlfriend, PS2 To Score For Brazil

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Was it lack of conditioning, sloppy play or perhaps hubris that caused Brazil to lose to the French in the quarter-finals of this year’s World Cup? Well, the blame game has started, and now apparently sex and videogames are partly to blame as well. Star midfielder Ronaldinho reportedly snuck out of his hotel room to have late night romps with his girlfriend, model Alexandra Paressant, after which he would collapse and play the videogame FIFA 2006 until the wee hours of the morning. Paressant refuses to accept any blame. However, since we’ve seen before that video games help prepare athletes mentally for games, maybe it was her fault after all. Sportscolumn conspires that she is French, so maybe she was just being patriotic.

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Comments on “Ronaldinho Too Busy Scoring On Girlfriend, PS2 To Score For Brazil”

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Sean (user link) says:

Re: Re:

The next thing to come is blaming Videogames on kids getting into cars, getting drunk and causing an accident! Cause they saw it on some videogame.

But blaming VIdeogames on some dumbass fucking up is pretty stupid. Blame HIM. It’s HIS fault he stayed up THAT late just to play them. Where is the Coach in this? He should have been keeping an eye on his players.

chris says:

missed it

Bah, you all missed the positive spin that could have been put on the story.

He wasn’t playing video games. Video games are games like astroids and pac-man. He was using a virtual simulator to test strategy against his opponents. I maen come on.. if he were playing NCAA football I can see the story but he was playing FIFA soccer. For the love of God, give hime some credit for “training” into the wee hours of the night after collapsing from time spent with with the french tart.

Anonymous Coward says:


I would check to see what the rest of the Brazil squad was doing at night… it seemed like Ronaldinho was the only one who showed up to play. Did anyone else actually watch him play? he’s amazing… he just didnt have any team support. Besides… if the games were being played ‘live’ here in the states, and they didnt start until 2 or 3pm, that would mean that they didnt play until 9 or 10pm in germany, right? they were already up late.

Nathan Kully (user link) says:

When men were men

I remember when men were men and could have a late night voyage with the girlfriend, play a few hours of video games, then kick butt in a soccer match. Ok now maybe the world cup quarterfinal is slightly pushing it and i think weve all agreed that what he did was stupid but oh well, thats life. Sometimes star athletes think that they are bigger than the game (think Roethlisberger) and they do stupid stuff.

jonelle stewart says:

give a guy some slack

everyone who said that ronaldinho did something wrong you are all badmind. i mean ronaldinho is a person and not just because he is a soccer star doesn’t mean that he is god do u even know how hard it is to have almost the entire world counting on you. you cant blaim him for trying to have some fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel says:

why all dis snashing about Ronaldinho >>>>????

Ronaldinho is my hero and take tone ……He’s a human being for God’s sake with feelings. What can you say about Beckam’s story. Am expecting more ladies to go after Ronaldinho coz he’s a STAR and every woman’s choice, never mind his bulked tooth. Let’z mind our biznes and forgoet about Ronaldinho’s personal life so that the flavour of football will continue to sweeten our mind. PEACE >>>>

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