This Doesn't Seem Right: Military Junta To Build Silicon Valley

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Over the years, we’ve seen time after time after time when some region of the world would suddenly declare that it was going to be the “new Silicon Valley.” Usually, these places had little to no idea about what actually made Silicon Valley what it is — and assumed that maybe with a little money and an incubator, suddenly their region would be a tech hotspot as well. Usually, they at least have some clue about what it takes — they just don’t realize all of the components. Sometimes, though, it seems like some people don’t even bother to understand at all what it takes to build up a technology industry. For example, two things that clearly don’t seem to go together are “military junta” and “Silicon Valley,” yet, apparently the military junta in Myanmar believes it can establish its own Silicon Valley, pretty much by declaring it so. Of course, the fact that the country banned Google earlier this month suggests that its local version of Silicon Valley has a long way to go.

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Comments on “This Doesn't Seem Right: Military Junta To Build Silicon Valley”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Does Silicon Valley have any idea?

Silicon Valley doesn’t make any silicon products anymore. Increasingly, companies in silicon valley are basically shell companies that hype the hell out of a useless product or speculative technology, then blow it all on executive compensation. Most of the science come from other places anyway.

The Valley is not too well equipped for the biotech revolution — it has no agricultural experience, unlike Midwestern farm states. There aren’t very many pharmaceutical companies there either — just some minor outposts, and no major medical centers other than Stanford. (Stanford is not a major biotech power.) The nanotech stuff is usually built in custom batches in university labs, or an obscure factory in New Mexico. The major universities in the area (Stanford, Berkeley, UCSF) have no space to build new labs, so they are being built at places like Iowa or Georgia.

Anonymous of course says:

ridiculous despots

A horrible backwards place with little to recommend it

except its ancient history. I’m surprised they have

even heard of silicon valley. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so

sad. Before they focus on a technology incubator

they might work on the clean drinking water and

sanitation issues… Oh, and a reliable electric

utility system would be helpful too. It’s hard to perfect

your 65nm process when you have to keep running to

the john due to dysentery.

Dan Moutal (user link) says:

Re: ridiculous despots

Myanmar is an amazing place with amazing people, gorgeus scenery… the list goes on

The only issue with myanmar (and it is a big one) is that the government is terrible, this inturn causes lots of the poverty and lack of infrastrucxture seen in tghe country.

Still to anyoen who is travelling in the region, if you have some time Myanmar will not disapoint.

Ang san supporter says:

Re: Re: Re:2 ridiculous despots

The trouble with visiting Myanmar is that any sales tax or visa fees you pay are going towards supporting the junta, which is currently engaging in the slaughtering of thousands of members of the countries ethnic minorities.

The country is in a state of civil war. Its not being widely reported because foreigners, both tourists and reporters are barred from visiting the border areas where most of the fighting is.

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