Add Amazon To The Long Long Long List Of Video Download Providers

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For quite some time there have been rumors about Amazon’s plans for video or audio downloads. Now, just a week after Apple’s movie download plans are leaked, Amazon’s own similar plans are leaked as well. Apparently, Amazon decided to skip completely by a music download store (something they’ve also talked about for years) since Apple remains so dominant in the space. So, it’s unlikely they’re thrilled about Apple’s plans in the video space as well. However, again, it’ll be interesting to see how the market shakes out. The article is a bit vague and still leaves a lot up in the air, while ignoring how things like BitTorrent or YouTube could end up competing in the market. Just because Amazon is entering the space, it doesn’t mean it’s a slam dunk that enough people will care.

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Comments on “Add Amazon To The Long Long Long List Of Video Download Providers”

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Standard Customer says:


Are they going to offer the movies as standard MPEG files, or as MPEG file wrapped in the standard DVD VOB format, OR – are they the going to distribute the movies in a proprieatary PC format? If it is not a standard format (MPEG-based), then I will not buy it. Is the qualitity of the download version the same as the DVD version? If not, I say nay!

Daniel Bjorndahl (user link) says:

My thoughts.

For those curious, they’re going to develop an obscure format that you’ll need their player to view. This is done in an effort for copyright protection, which hackers and coders will eventually find a way to reverse, making it yet another pointless codec to annoy downloaders like you and me.

It don’t mean to be pessimistic, but history repeats itself, and other download sites have tried the same and failed (such as Sony with it’s…whatever the heck it is format that I have to put up with).

For the one wondering about ‘used sales’ of data…
Techincally speaking, bytes can’t be ‘used’.They are only read, written or deleted. Reading a file does not change it in any way, thanks to technology that made the VHS and cassete obsolete!
But hey! If you wanna sell your data, open up your own store, just make sure you get the copyrights for it…unless you’re just giving copies to your friends. In which case, small scale theft is something that could never be dealt with in an industry so ridden with major theft.

Which brings me back to how industry leaders aim to stop theft: inconvenience. New codecs and new media players are inconvenient, and so in vain hope the industry leaders place their investiments in inconvenience.

Maybe they should try creative commons, or follow a similar model of shareware…

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