France Surrenders On File Sharing Proposal

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An amendment to a copyright bill that would have legalized file sharing in France by collecting a monthly downloading fee from Internet users that would then be paid out to artists, has been withdrawn by the government. The new bill enumerates a nominal monetary fine for illegal downloaders, which still seems much more sensible than the arbitrary lawsuits against file-traders here. The penalties are stiffer for organized criminal groups, while hackers, who show people how to subvert DRM, can still go to jail. A file-sharing tax would have its own problems, but the music industry ought to come up with some alternative way to profit from file sharing, not just attempt to fight it by turning listeners into criminals.

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Comments on “France Surrenders On File Sharing Proposal”

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Mookie says:

A lost opportunity

This is very disapointing for many in the p2p community, finally a government seemed to be making some sense of the situation only to eventually bow down, yet again, to the power of mass media corporations. The p2p issue, more than anything in the last 20 years, highlights the fact that money controls governments.

When will these stupid members of parliament start listenting to the people that vote them in instead of accepting only the word of the monopolies… They say that a collective license will dessimate their online businesses – I say EXACTLY – the whole point about p2p is that the middlemen – the distributors – are no longer required. Am I supposed to feel sorry for not wanting to more artists money in the hands of Apple or Napster2? Am I supposed to feel guilty for downloading a movie when actors are paid ridiculous amounts of money for each appearance – $25million to do a movie!!! Even professional sport stars have salary caps. Am I meant to feel guilty that the next Michael Jackson may not be able to build a private amusement park?

come on France !!!!!!! get it together

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