Google Measures More

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Google adds to its quiver of web services with its purchase of Measure Map today. With Measure Map, Google will offer a free, basic suite of web analytics tools for bloggers (even undercutting their own Urchin analytics service). It has been suggested that Google’s impetus to provide free web analytics is to cut down on click fraud. By being present at the entire end-to-end event stream — from blog, to adsense click, to the advertiser site, Google can accurately track user actions and cull out fraudulent activity. That said, Measure Map is barely even out of Alpha, and news from the field report that the tool is buggy and error prone. Furthermore, integrating Measure Map with Urchin is non-trivial, so perhaps they’ll keep them separate (and at least out of the hands of a competitor like Yahoo!). Looks to be yet another “hire by acquisition” by Google, which seems to be popular these days.

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Comments on “Google Measures More”

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Ali says:

Re: Good for them.

to let them track everythign we do though? come on… they could use it against us to.

Google reserves the right to go through anything on their gmail, track what you search google tool bar, anything you search while logged into google, now it wants to track us while we go around the internet… they probably sell it off to advertisers on the side.


Dudu Mimran (user link) says:

CPB - Cost Per Buy

Paul Kedrosky raised the anti fraud capability that could be gained from integrating Google adsense with a web analytics component. My point was that this integration can enable a new advertising model, which is CPB. Google after integration will be aware to the complete trail of the surfer starting at the Ad serving point and ending at the advertiser web site internal target (can be a buy or download action, whatever clickable action decided by the advertiser). This awareness level will enable them to employ a new advertising model of cost per buy, which can be very suitable to many advertisers needs. Naturally this model will overcome any click fraud problem since clicks will not be important at all.

In terms of integration problems, I am not knowledgeable about MeasureMap underlying technology but still Google can write this tool from scratch if they find it “suitable” business wise; currently it is only a tool used to validate the concept and nothing more (also a talented founding team/member on board).


P.S. Bloggers I believe will be happy to pay money for advertising their blog in a “cost per subscribe” model:). Google on the other hand don’t mind to get more advertisers on board, especially when competition in the area boils

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