EFF Tells Clear Channel To Record This Patent

from the about-time dept

Two years ago, radio giant Clear Channel bought a patent describing a method for making instant recordings of live concerts for sale. Clear Channel quickly began bullying any bands that offered post-concert sales of recordings into using its technology (and paying for the privilege, of course). Soon afterwards, the EFF put together a list of patents that needed to be busted, with second place going to this Clear Channel patent. Apparently, it takes a bit of time to go from saying a patent should be shot to actually lining up and firing, because it took until this week to finally ask the patent office to re-examine the Clear Channel patent. The EFF submitted some prior art, showing similar technology in place a year prior to the patent filing. Of course, you could also make the case that the basic concept of recording a concert and then offering it for sale really shouldn’t be patentable at all — but the patent office doesn’t seem to care about things like that.

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Comments on “EFF Tells Clear Channel To Record This Patent”

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Anonymous Coward says:

My patent on dumping.

This is my public announcement that I’m patenting my method for taking a dump.

It involves lostening one’s outergarmets, pulling down undergarmets, lining up one’s feet in a parallel direction with the intended target – usually a toilet, assuming either a squatting or sitting position, and … you know the rest.

Soon, I will be very, very, rich – as I sue everyone on the planet who uses my patent without a license …

Who hah hah ha (evil laugh and wringing of hands)

Elzeard (user link) says:

That was MY idea

I’m sure I thought of it first, because it was way before Kindergarten.
Here is my methodology:
A) Look around at what other people are doing.
B) Select someone doing something interesting, preferrably one who is getting attention (social currency).
C) Run over and yell. “Hey! That was MY idea!”
D) Take something from the “offender”.
but I have to admit, “patented poop” beats this post by a mile.

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