Brains Behind A9 Goes To Google

from the so-much-for-that-plan dept

Just yesterday we were noting how much Amazon seems to be trying to emulate Google, as the company prepares its own contextual advertising network and continues to push its A9 search subsidiary — but it would appear that Google may have struck back in a way that shows how strong they are in the space. They’ve apparently stolen away A9’s founder and CEO, Udi Manber. If you remember, Manber, who also used to work at Yahoo, was part of the hype surrounding A9 when it launched. In fact, when A9 was first announced Google put up ads on Google searches for “Udi Manber” pointing to job openings at Google. Perhaps Manber was just doing some ego surfing, saw the job postings, and decided to apply…

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Comments on “Brains Behind A9 Goes To Google”

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Tim Toews says:

Re: No Subject Given

In most industries, yes, that practice is fairly common. It is called a non-compete clause. You usually have to wait a certain predetermined amount of time that is specified in your contract from your original employer, before moving to a new position with a company that would be a competitor. It would be highly unlikely that Amazon WOULDN’T have had a non-compete clause in his contract. The dispute between microsoft and google about one of their executives being “stolen” a while back was a similar case.

Keith says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

It all depends on what is in his contract. Being the founder and CEO it’s entirely possible he has no such clause, or employment “contract” per se.

If there is no such clause then there is nothing Amazon can do about him leaving, as long as he does not share proprietary information regarding A9 or Amazon, that is assuming he is under NDA or some other contractual agreement to not disclose such data.

Sohrab says:

No Subject Given

thanks for all the replys back 🙂

thanks very interesting. So lets say, the case of I setup company X to compete with Microsoft in the OS business and I hire their chief designer. (i live in Cali myself but lets say my HQ was in Michigan)

All I would then have to do is setup a dummy HQ in cali and walla, im passed that law?

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