How Not To Cook An Egg With A Phone (But Still Create A Viral Hoax Sensation)

from the the-madness-of-blogs dept

David Goldenberg writes “Over the past week, Slashdot, BoingBoing, Digg, and many others have posted a link to a article detailing how to cook an egg using two mobile phones. This story is a hoax. Over at Gelf Magazine, I talked with the article’s author, who told me he never expected so many people would take it seriously. It’s also a testament to the cyclical power of the internet: He wrote the piece six years ago. Here’s a snip: “No other page on the site has grabbed people’s attention and ire button as much as this one. What seems to be happening is that it ‘travels’ from blog to blog, forum to forum. It was big in Australia last year and seems to be big in the US right now.” According to Ivermee, the article got almost 50,000 hits during one week in September last year and last week got 18,500 hits. That number is sure to rise even more this week. Why did he write the piece? “It was 6 years ago but I seem to recall that there was a lot of concern about people’s brains getting fried and being from a radio/electronics background I found it all rather silly,” he writes. “So I thought I’d add to the silliness.” “

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Comments on “How Not To Cook An Egg With A Phone (But Still Create A Viral Hoax Sensation)”

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reddy kilowatt says:

No Subject Given

Don’t you just love how the same people that freak at such things because they don’t know anything about electronics or electricity are the same ones who try to drive and talk on cellphones at the same time, put scotch tape over wall sockets to prevent leakage, and stick their fingers in light sockets to see if the juice is on? And they’re allowed to vote!

Topher3105 (profile) says:

Sad and scary

This brings up probably the single biggest problem with the Internet. It’s not security exploits and viruses, not phishing scams or malicious spyware, its the simple nature for humans to be gullible.
People are quick to believe everything they read in a book, see on television, and apparently now, anything blogged or listed on the Internet.
Is it that people are being knowingly or wantonly deceptive by fooling people, no. Its just that the Internet is an outlet for both brilliance and substantially more ignorance. People push their personal opinion onto other people because there is always a ready audience willing to gobble it up.
Unfortunately, not everybody has a good rounded education or simply good common sense to weed through the chaff and find the truths and facts out there. They are quick to promote this ignorance by linking to it on their blogs or listing it in their “news” services.
So, my advice is to take everything seen on the web with a big grain of salt. Even if you find a story corroborated on many other sites, understand that all these sites didn’t independently come to the same conclusion, they are all commenting off the same source.

Justin says:


While there is little hope of cooking an egg with a cell phone, it is basically a mini-micorwave. A diogital phone transmitts at 850 & 1900 Mhz which is right in the microwave band. So the waves comming out of your celly ARE microwaves. The difference is that your cell transmits at about 1 watt, and your microwave oven is probably 1000 watts. So next time your on the phone for an hour, think of it as putting your head in the microwave oven for 36 seconds.

randomboy says:

Re: Minimicrowave

Not really for 36 minutes since microwave radiation in an oven bounces around until it hits whatever you’re cooking and heats it up, while about 75% of the radiation from your cell phone dissipates into thin air. So admitting that the power of the emitter is indeed one watt I’d say that talking on the phone for an hour is the equivalent of sticking your head in a microwave overn for no more than 6 seconds 🙂

googly_eyes says:

Re: Minimicrowave BZZZZZZZZT!!!

More junk science Justin…

Microwaves work at the 2.4GHz range – 2450 MHz to be specific – the dielectric heating frequency of water molecules (sugar and fat too).

Here’s the wikipedia article if you would care to check:

Thanks for playing though, and proving the point that we shouldn’t always believe what we read….

Gulliber says:

micro-brains, anyone?

Ohhh, I dare anyone to microwave their head for even six seconds.. I’m sure it would explode and make a hell of a mess. BTW, besides an egg cooker, a cell phone is an excellent mosquito repellant, and if you put it in your clothes dryer, your clothes will come out static free and april fresh! LMAO

Marrondinde says:

Frying an egg with 2 cell phones

So it is a hoax ? O.K. I accept. The experience seemed rather funny anyway since nobody will carry a conversation with two different phones on their ears… Nevertheless there are serious studies showing that using cell phones in excess has unpleasant side effects. If I speak longer than ten minutes with my cell phone my ear aches… and no matter what other people say, I don’t enjoy staying on these phones. But for an emergency these phones are wonderful !

Mike (user link) says:

How Two Russian Journalists Cooked An Egg
With Their Mobile Phones

Many organizations including the cell phone industry often downplay the risk of cell phone radiation to the brain. Results from short-term studies were used to convince consumers that use of a cell phone is not associated with brain tumors or cancer, which only develop decades after exposure.

Jeff says:

Going to do it myself

I read the articles presented in this matter, and it looks to me like the Russians had one step that the Americaan did not include in their experiment. This being the stereo playing converstation in the background so that the cellphones would have something to transmit as well as recieve, which in my belief is an integeral part for the experiment to work…. cause who really just sits on there cell phone and doesnt gab a mile a minute. So I am going to do this experiment with in my office on Camera and then show it on fast action 10X play to really get down to the bottom of this!

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