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Texas Extends Sony Lawsuit To Include MediaMax CDs

from the still-not-recalled dept

Texas was the first state to sue Sony over the company’s use of the XCP rootkit, and it looks like the state is continuing to lead the fight against Sony BMG. The Attorney General’s office there has apparently been paying attention to folks looking at Sony BMG’s other copy protection technology, SunnComm’s MediaMax technology, that has many problems as well. Texas has now expanded the lawsuit to cover CDs using MediaMax, noting that they appear to violate a state law about installing software on someone’s computer without approval. It’s worth remembering, of course, that Sony BMG has still made no effort to recall the CDs with MediaMax on them — even though they’ve been shown to have serious security vulnerabilities.

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Comments on “Texas Extends Sony Lawsuit To Include MediaMax CDs”

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Dave says:

About time

Given the existing proof that MediaMax installs despite the user declining the EULA it would seem that the case against them is even better than with XCP. Although I think EULAs are not adequate notification for what this software does, it is totally inexcusable for it to install when you decline the EULA.

So why didn’t Sony pull the MediaMax CDs as well? Perhaps because they have sold ten times more CDs with MediaMax, and because they couldn’t possibly refill the pipeline for all those titles in time for Christmas. (Sony BMG has already managed to put out XCP-free copies of at least the Switchfoot and Neil Diamond albums.) They are probably weighing the cost of litigation versus lost sales and rolling the dice here.

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