Why Does Hallmark Send Phishy E-Cards?

from the they-should-know-better dept

zanek writes “It’s easy to send an e-greeting that can’t hide phishing links and slips by corporate spam and content filters. So why doesn’t Hallmark do it? Email Battles takes Hallmark to school and shows them how they can adjust their email greetings to look less suspicious to phish-weary recipients.” After all the stories about scammy e-cards, I just tend to ignore them all.

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Comments on “Why Does Hallmark Send Phishy E-Cards?”

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Jasper says:

Avoiding embedded links?

That’s a terrible idea. Why should an ecard recipient have to follow a 4 step process, including manually entering a URL and a card ID # to see his greeting card, rather than simply clicking a link in an email? Do you guys really think emails should have NO embedded links? Clicking a link in itself shouldn’t do ANY harm, as long (a) as the link is to a web URL, not a direct executable, (b) you have appropriate settings on your computer that requires you to confirm any exe installation, and (c) you don’t enter sensitive information in the web page destination like an idiot.

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