T-Mobile Outlines 3G Catch-Up Plans

T-Mobile is something of a straggler among the top four US mobile operators, not having built, let alone launched, a 3G network, but it looks like Deutsche Telekom is coming good on its promise to build up the unit rather than sell it off, with an exec saying it hopes to launch its 3G network by the end of 2006. That’s a pretty aggressive estimate, considering that T-Mobile will have to score a lot more spectrum in upcoming auctions before it can build out its network, but the exec says it will “definitely” have 3G in 2007. While T-Mobile’s lack of spectrum might be holding it back, the delay in offering 3G could work to its benefit. Carriers are still trying to figure out how to market 3G, and exactly what benefits it delivers to consumers over earlier networks. Perhaps by the end of 2006, somebody will have figured it out, saving T-Mobile the time and trouble.

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