Carl Icahn No Fan Of Google

from the spoke-too-soon dept

Ah, we knew we spoke too soon in suggesting that the Google-AOL relationship looked like a done deal. Carl Icahn, who has been pushing hard to spin AOL off completely from Time Warner is publicly protesting the expected deal, noting that it will make it a lot more difficult for Time Warner to sell AOL off to someone like eBay or IAC — companies that he thinks would make better matches. Of course, there’s been almost no indication that either eBay or IAC have even the slightest interest in AOL and its rapidly diminishing customer base.

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Comments on “Carl Icahn No Fan Of Google”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Could it have been that Google was just such a nice company and has given AOL a “pity fund” of $1 billion for 5% (for Google advertisings, of course).

Had Google and AOL even been in competition with each other before? And if AOL were to go away, who would Google’s next big competitor be? What I am saying is that it is probably a good thing for AOL to stick around in the “battle”, because at least they can fight some of Google’s competition — without Google to do it themselves.

My example; if three companies are fighting against each other for a “prize” — wouldn’t the smart thing for one of the companies to do, would be support the one who is easiest for it to defeat on it’s own… for at least that “easy to defeat” company can be a “mule” to wound the other large company until the smaller one is dead. And we all know that AOL will keep fighting such as a “mule”, until it breaths it’s last breath and has spent it’s last fifty cents.

Bobthealmighty says:

Re: Well...finally

hopefully, the world may somday soon be again peaceful knowing that AOL is finally gone, to no longer blight the net. It’s just a huge pain in the arse of a comapany. Really. AOL scuks. I had it once, it was only go like 4kbps browsing speed MAX, and it just kicks you off every 15 minuites or so.
Hopefully, good riddance.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Well...finally

I wouldn’t write AOL off so badly.. If they wanted to reform themselves bad enough, with less software resembling hard-core spyware and replacing it with optional useful software, along with broadband options, with normal prices along with the other broadband oligopolists, it’d be a perfectly legit option for n00b and intarweb veteran alike.

But, on the other hand, I think it more likely then not that it’ll die.. with a whimper.. or become some sleeper company that I’ll hear mentioned when I’m 70 and be amazed it’s still limping around.

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