One More Time: There Goes Another NTP Patent (No This Isn't A Duplicate Post)

It looks like the judge isn’t the only one in a hurry in the NTP-RIM patent imbroglio. Following its rejection of a second NTP patent yesterday, the US Patent Office has today rejected a third patent of the company. These are “non-final actions”, and can be appealed by NTP, but the Patent Office has indicated that it expects its next action with all three to be a final rejection, either in whole or in part. NTP can then appeal those decisions, potentially dragging the matter out even further. Again, why does the legal case press on when the patents are so clearly in doubt? The most logical and responsible course of action would be to let the Patent Office do its thing before deciding to shut down Blackberry service or penalize RIM. But, given that it’s a patent dispute, logic probably doesn’t apply.

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