People Settling Down On The Internet

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An analyst firm has a new research report out that says the “reach of certain core online activities is declining” — basically that while people aren’t spending any less time online, they’re engaging in fewer activities. But what’s not clear is why (presumably you’ve got to buy the report to find out). It would seem natural that after people have been online, they’d settle down and gravitate towards certain regular activities and perhaps not play around as much, or scale back time spent on things they don’t get much value out of. It’s also important to consider that the Internet’s not in a vacuum, and the way people use it is influenced by any number of factors. For instance, the study says that IM use has taken a hit. That could be because cell phone service has gotten cheaper, or people have moved on to text messaging. Similarly, it cites a downturn in email usage — maybe it’s become too much of a burden, or people are tired of dealing with spam and phishing. Despite what studies might say, the Internet isn’t dying. But it’s just as unreasonable to think that the things people use it for won’t change over time.

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Comments on “People Settling Down On The Internet”

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BlackCow says:

Re: No Subject Given

The internet is not dieing man. It will never die. It will just keep improveing. Soon enough cell phones will have their own IP adresses, hell voIP phones already do. I bet that almost everything that has anything to do with comunication will be connected to the internet. Who knows, they may have dedicated internet lines, (like they have dedicated phone and cable lines)

amazon10x (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re: No Subject Given

I have ADSL, omg I have a dedicated internet line too! The future came quickly!!

Maybe people in the future will be smarter than you; that’d be a real treat!

“Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is … a data communications technology that enables faster data transmission over copper telephone lines” (Wikipedia)

You do not have a dedicated internet line. That same line is used for your telephone.

Justin (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re: No Subject Given

Wasn’t there a poll not too long ago that stated how many people were using IM programs all the time? They used them most of the time in the work environment. Made it easier to communicate to a co-worker across the room, in the next builing, or somewhere else. Many users stated they used IM’s to check on their kids at home and actually preferred IM over E-Mail.

Anyways, long live the net.

Seth Brundle says:

IM definitely dying

I totally understand IM tapering off. Now that the newness has rubbed off, only people whose lifestyles are more suited to IM will be using it.

I used to work at Yahoo! and everyone working ther had IM on all the time. But shortly after I left, I shut it off.

As soon as it wasnt my job anymore, people popping up windows on my computer while I was using suddenly became nothing more than an annoyance.

For adults, I just think email is a much more polite and managable communications medium.

Tashi says:

Re: IM definitely dying

I believe that’s true. I remember back in ’97, ’98 I used to chat on icq, aim, then later yahoo and a few other IMs. Getting random messages from anywhere in the world was common and very cool. I chatted and met people from Hong Kong to South Africa, from 12 years old to 70 about anything from religion to rap music to soccer. When I traveled to Asia I even met some in person. Today, occasionally I turn on yahoo messenger where out of maybe 3 dozen people on my list, I see and chat with the same 5 or 6 people. I’d say a few times a week to maybe a few times a month.

Tashi says:

No Subject Given

I think it may point to a decline of new internet converts. Most people that can afford to have the internet and that have the infrastructure to support it are online, and no new inroads are being made to bring people online that have never been online before. The cost is no longer getting cheaper or the poor are getting poorer Or, even worse, ranks of the middle class are joining the poor… .i.e. people that did have the internet found themselves in positions where it was a luxury and had to get rid of it due to hard times. In this economy I wouldn’t be surprised. I read a story about a senior citizen in Kentucky selling her prescription meds to pay her utilities and grocery bills. She was taking half the drugs and selling the rest. What a choice to make.

gtard says:

Re: Internet History

I think that a complete breakdown of the internet is highly unlikely but i see it getting out of control. Even just the unorganization of it is something to take note. I think that people will eventually get fed up of seeing all of the “waste” on the net and maybe a different internet will get made. It would seem like it would follow the general trend of most modern media. Take a look at radio…started off a novelty, everyone listened to it. Then it started to die off (mostly due to advances in media and the introduction of the television to common american households) but pretty soon it was filled up with crap and they designed a special “eliete” radio XM/Sirius. The same thing was done when satalite first came out. I would think that the internet (as opposed to fizzeling out) will be redone and become more organized and possibly (centralized?)

we just have to make sure that if it does get centralized that we keep it out of the hands of those that pollute the net today or we’ll recieve a scary welcoming…
Big Brother is watching…

amazon10x (user link) says:

No Subject Given

This is the second time I have seen this happen in the last couple weeks.

…scale back time spent on things they don’t get much value out of.

Have you and Mike ever heard of the grammatical rule that one should not end a sentence with a preposition? A correct form of the previous statement would be:

…scale back time spent on things out of which they don’t get much value.

Andrew Strasser (user link) says:

Re: Re: hit to IM

People are as slow to catch up with the times now as they have been forever. It is too bad that the broadband companies haven’t done as well as the other industrialized countries in this world on delivering internet to the population at a rate it can afford. Maybe it has to do with the fact the economy is being literally beaten apart by economics and nature. This would be more the line of thinking I would follow on this subject.

Frankly neither Netzero or Juno are a free service anymore not even the nifty ten hours a month hehe. Demand will rise again as time continues on. When the old people die there will only be computer users left.

"That Guy" says:

not dying

MySpace gets 2.3 Million new users every month… 2.3 Million NEW ONES… most of my friends if not all of them have accounts and use the e-mail and bulletin system more than conventional e-mail… to keep all 300 of us in the loop of whats up, or down.

basically people (more people) are using the internet …. they just aren’t using it like WE have been using it for the past decade.

People aren’t communicating in the ways they used to because their are new ways to go about it… community sites consume most of online time spent now-a-days… forums, friendsters, myspaces, yahoo 360s and Live Journals.

Sentence, Period, Paragraph.

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