Internet Security Systems Too Strict?

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The common complaint that we hear is that people aren’t careful enough with computer security. However, are we reaching a point where security programs are erring on the side of being way too cautious? People are getting increasingly upset that security programs are blocking way too much that’s legitimate. Personally, I keep having problems with some anti-malware software deleting my backup software. Part of the problem, of course, is that these products don’t do a very good job of giving context. They don’t explain things very well, and many users either just go with the default or if they’re getting annoyed, just disable the software. That doesn’t make anyone any safer.

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Comments on “Internet Security Systems Too Strict?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Pop up......

A week after purchasing a new computer that came reinstalled with McAfee software, I got tired of seeing “security notices” every 15 minutes… “Your software has been updated to the latest version”, “Last scan was done 24 hours ago, do you want to scan again?”, “New virus definitions have just been installed”, “An outbreak has been reported, click OK to scan your computer”, “You have not yet scheduled a routine scan schedule, would you like to do that now?”… and plenty of other things that we extremely annoying… especially when the window slides up while I am in the middle of typing a document in word (or online) and I’m not paying attention to the screen (because as far as I know, I’m typing a letter or inside an IM program) and McAfee steals the typing focus. At this point, I have lost my typing concentration, I have no clue what the window said that is now “resolved” because of whatever key that was pressed — and I loose time trying to figure out what just happened and where I am in my document.

So not only is security softwar4e “too secure”, but it is also “too invasive” and many times slows down the computer at inappropriate times…. like when Im busy using the computer for production.

Sv says:

Software is still dumb

Antivirus tools have a set of basic rules and patterns to scan/recognize viruses and this is a result of that.

When your guardian is dumb as sticks, he’ll either filter out many legitimate programs when strict, or miss too many malware when not that strict.

Thing is, do you prefer to be safe at all costs, or you don’t care your banks login being exposed around the Internet for example.

From personal experience you think it’s overly strict only until it bites you. After it bites you, you’d gladly give up most of the extras to keep your PC safe.

FireMonkey says:

Re: Use Linux

GAH! I’m so sick of hearing the generic and tired “Use Linux!” solution to all our computer woes. I don’t WANT to use Linux! I want to keep using all the cool software and games and utilities that I have for my Windows box!

It’s really not that hard to secure your Windows PC… The first thing I do after installing WinXP is run Lite PC (or XP Lite) to remove all the crap that compromises either my safety or my comfort. First to go is always the “Security Center” garbage, followed by Outlook, Messenger, and MSN Explorer. Then I load AdAware, MS AntiSpyware, FireFox, and my AV of choice. I have not had a single virus, trojan, or any other malware for over 5 years… Just follow the simple rule of “Don’t install/click/open/download every piece of crap that pops up.”

In short, I compute smart so that I can ignore the elitist linux fanboys that fail to realise that *nix is not for everyone.

/me steps down from his soapbox.

Philip says:

Re: Use Linux

Linux works great for your average home user, but when you’re not an average home user, you have problems. Linux doesn’t have the latest drivers, nor are they always “easy” to install. Linux is behind the market on gaming applications. Linux is still behind on overall GUI speed and “solidity”. And Linux still does not have *any* form of standardization for installing software.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Linux; it’s actually on my secondary computer (Kubuntu) which I use daily, but my primary system is WindowsXP Pro due to the games and other software I use.

whosawhat? says:

Isn't too secure

Our internet secuirty isn’t too secure. If any thing it isn’t secure enough.

Security is a very large issue. As soon as you remove tools that warn you of potentially harmful issues you are going to get burned.

I’ve had no luck with McAfee or Norton (really slow and eat up system resources). I personally don’t run a virus scanner at home as that box isn’t important to me and gets formated weekly (thanks to messing around with certain tasks and such).

At work I run a Trend Micro prodcut called PCcillin (

All of our desktops run this and we have no issues.

Philip says:

Use computer sense

Computer common sense is what it all boils down to. Something I’ve tried to drill down many people. Learn how viruses are getting into your system and eliminate/limit that problem:
– Stop using IE, flat out, except for MS Updates
– Use webmail; gmail ownz webmail
– Don’t open unknown attachments/files; no duh!
– Block incoming ports; router works well for this or firewall.
Ones you can’t stop are things like virus applets in which you’ll have to use anti-virus software for.
I run avast! and have no problems. It uses FAR less resources than Nortons or a few other choice anti-v software ever did. I run spyware/adware scans every few months and never find anything. I keep an eye on my computer’s activity and when things get supicious, I dig deeper using Hijackthis and Process Explorer.

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