Sketchy Brooklyn Camera Sellers Lashing Out At Anyone Now

from the threatened-who-with-what-now? dept

Davis Freeberg writes “Don Wiss is a Brooklyn resident who has gone through the city and has posted photographs of many shady camera dealers in NY. Apparently someone seems to think that Don is responsible for the mass uprising of frustrated victims everywhere. According to Don he suffered a DOS attack on his site last night and received two disturbing phone calls today: “Today I received two phone calls at work. First one like blaming me for driving them out of business. Says they have already shut it down. But, of course, he didn’t disclose what business, and they had caller id turned off.

I then got a second phone call. He told me to watch my back. He said if I don’t leave the country I will be killed. Now nowhere at my site do I pass any judgment on the dealers here. So why blame me? My question is have you been threatened? Of course, living here in Brooklyn makes me a convenient target.”” Don’s site has actually been up for quite some time (someone sent it to me a while back, so I can confirm that), and, as he notes, his site doesn’t pass judgment one way or the other on these stores — but apparently following that bit of online mob justice, some of the exposed camera sellers are looking for someone to blame — and they’re clearly not above using death threats when they think it’s an effective… um… sales technique.

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Comments on “Sketchy Brooklyn Camera Sellers Lashing Out At Anyone Now”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

Huh? I’m not quite sure what you did, why you’re apologizing or what you’re asking.

Could you explain more clearly?

What did you use them for? If you used our articles, we just ask that you credit them to Techdirt, and provide a link back to our site, but from your explanation it’s not clear what you did.

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