Cisco And Wi-Lan Settle Patent Differences… Leave Everyone Else Confused

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Wi-LAN is the Canadian company who in the past has suddenly declared that it owns patents on important pieces of both WiFi and WiMax — and sued Cisco in the summer of 2004. The fight over these patents was important, because if Cisco gave in, then Wi-LAN could basically set up a tollbooth for both WiFi and WiMax and start getting a piece of everything. Not much has been said in the last year and a half, but today the news comes out that the two sides have settled all their legal disputes, with Cisco buying some, but not all, of Wi-LAN’s patents. That’s about it in the way of details, meaning that absolutely nothing else is cleared up, and we can expect more lawsuits and more delays and problems for the technology as it needs to fight through this issue. Yup, that’s “innovation” at work, according to many folks.

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Comments on “Cisco And Wi-Lan Settle Patent Differences… Leave Everyone Else Confused”

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eternalsamarai says:

Wi-lan makes Cisco Do the Right Thing

Cisco has settled and will pay Wi-lan for past and future royalties for its OFDM patents . Both WIMAX and 802.11a/g variants. This is a huge event.

Wilan has been a huge innovator and inventor in OFDM , It is the only rightful patent owner to WI-MAX patents

My suggestion to anyone is to do your research it is unbelievable how Glib some of these analysts have been. they havent the slightest clue how this OFDM market has evolved and the major role WI-lan has “played” since the beginning.

canuck says:

Re: Re: Wi-lan makes Cisco Do the Right Thing

For a good overview of cisco vs wi-lan, check out this article…,1895,1617679,00.asp
sort of reminds me of RIM vs. NTP, however, at least Wi-LAN has been selling real physical products for the last 10 years – I saw demos of their earlier generation wi-max products; huge heat sinks on those units!

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