Fair Use At Risk

from the will-it-survive? dept

Seth Finkelstein writes The Free Expression Policy Project asks: “Are increasingly heavy assertions of control by copyright and trademark owners smothering fair use and free expression? The product of more than a year of research, [the report by Marjorie Heins and Tricia Beckles] “Will Fair Use Survive”? (Techdirt warning: annoying PDF File) paints a striking picture of an intellectual property system that is perilously out of balance.”” Interesting stuff. Really wish they would publish it as straight HTML though, instead of as a PDF file. There are times when a PDF makes sense. This isn’t one of them. Anyway, it’s become clear that many in the content creation business have started taking the position that fair use doesn’t exist and is some sort of “myth” made up by others — rather than an important element of copyright that is codified in law. This has been going on for years, of course. Jack Valenti used to always deny fair use existed.

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Comments on “Fair Use At Risk”

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Tiresias says:

Re: pdfs

This document is great AND I am glad they made it available as a PDF. It looks and reads well.
Give me a PDF of long files optimized for printing over a crappy HTML page any day. It is better for sharing than a directory of HTML pages, when done well as accessible as HTML (when it is done well), and has great features.
File size complaints are rather lame in an era when people download 6Mb music files and 700 MB AVIs… helper applications? May as well start bitching about Windows Media Player, Flash, Real, and all the others that use their own formats as well.
Who cares who “owned” a standard. Abobe has made the format an open standard that can be programmed around by anyone without paying a dime to Adobe… which is why it is built into OSX and used by dozens of other applications.
So maybe we can please spare the diatribe against PDF and get onto talking about the importance of the CONTENT…

Tom says:

Re: No Subject Given

116MB? That’s your complaint? Acrobat uses 116MB?

Please! You waste more than then on temp files when browsing a single web site. That amount is a round off error on today’s hundred-of-gigabyte hard disks.

If 116MB of space on your hard drive is going to be an impact on you, spend $40 and increase your drive space by about 100 times.

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