Soderbergh Explains How The Movie Business Is Changing

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Earlier this year, we pointed out how Steven Soderbergh (with the help of Mark Cuban) was planning to release his latest (independent) film in theaters and on DVD at the same time — a move that most, but not all, of the major studios think is a mistake. Soderbergh has an interview in the latest issue of Wired that makes it sound like he has a pretty good grasp on where the movie industry needs to go. He makes the point that too many studio execs still don’t get: the competition already exists. “Name any big-title movie that’s come out in the last four years. It has been available in all formats on the day of release. It’s called piracy.” He also understands that the way to make more people go to the theater isn’t to treat them like criminals but to make the experience better: “The theater experience isn’t always pleasant. Theater owners need to address that. There are often problems with projection; tickets and concessions are expensive; theaters aren’t always clean; people talk during the movie. They’re making it easy for people to stay home.” Is it really that hard for all the industry execs to realize this stuff as well?

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Comments on “Soderbergh Explains How The Movie Business Is Changing”

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Rod Taylor says:

Movie Business

Yes, the movie experience needs to be more pleasant, I suppose, but that’s not the problem. Go to some dank cold basement where a bunch of rockers want to hear a band. They’re drawn into a somewhat unpleasant environment because they need what’s there — some truth — their truth anyway. The movies don’t give the audience its truth anymore, only the truth of the didactic, pretensious, left wing totalitarians posing as wise compassionate artists. That’s the real problem. When a film is compelling there will be no problem getting the people in to see it. But really controversial and powerful films are completely verboten. All heros must think the same. The predicability is so wearisome that the audience is tuning out. Hollywood now can only make big marketing driven “tent pole” movies from pre-existing sources or romantic comedies. There are no films that enrage or inspire. So to me that’s the problem, not the unpleasant theatre going experience. Flying is incredibly unpleasant but everyone does it. They need the product. Movies must be needed to. Then they’ll be on fire like they once were.

gopa says:

good going

man….i hate de theater…it’s too cold durin winter too hot in summer…too crowded mostly..noisy(for a movie buff who likes to concentrate on his stuff) n no xtra stuff…i luv dvd’s for it’s xtra features n wit ma surround soun n tv i get de same effect as a cinema…if dvd’s r realeased at de same time piracy will definetley be reduced.

PolarFlame says:

Piracy Reduced? No. Bootlegging stopped? Yes

The only change would be that there will be no more reason to sit in a theater with a small resolution camera and risk getting arrested. Anyone would be able to just rent the DVD and create a DVD image to upload straight to bittorrent, extra features included, and all in less time than the length of movie itself. The only people that will actually go to the theater are those that don’t have the technical know-how to use bittorrent or don’t have the patience to wait for the download. At least the sales of large HDTV’s might go up.

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