Yet Another Study Says Text Messaging Boosts Writing Skills

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For a while, you couldn’t go a month without seeing yet another story in some newspaper with certain teachers complaining that students were letting “txting” speak appear in their writing — leaving the teachers worried about the English skills of today’s youth. However, as those stories became more popular, people began to notice they were almost all anecdotal. In fact, some people began to point out that all of this writing by kids could actually help them have a better command of the language than in times past, when many kids did almost no writing at all. Finally, in 2003, someone did some research and found that, indeed, kids were actually much more comfortable writing than in the past. While they might experiment with using txting speak or alternative forms of language, they generally learned pretty quickly what was appropriate at what time. Obviously, not everyone gets it right all the time, but the stories of the complete destruction of kids’ language abilities has been overstated. It appears that now there’s even more research to support this. The latest research does show that kids are better writers than in the past (“using far more complex sentence structures, a wider vocabulary and a more accurate use of capital letters, punctuation and spelling”) but are still more likely to let the occasional txting shorthand slip into their writing.

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Comments on “Yet Another Study Says Text Messaging Boosts Writing Skills”

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Luke says:


I dunno what to think. I don’t “txt” so-to-speak, but I do use IM clients all the time. However I haven’t noticed a decrease in my writing skills. The only thing I do notice is that I take forever to write and sometimes I know how to type out a word because it just embedded into my mind and not think about it, but I suck at spelling it out when I have think about it. Other then that, I haven’t noticed much. Just my experiance though.

Anna says:

Re: AP Exams

Of course, how you do on AP History and AP English matters much to the people here who are commenting, who may be well in their careers, with successful lives, defined by more than some exam crammed for by a teenager.

But if you want to define success by a couple of classes you take in high school, go right ahead. Just remember you have a long life ahead of you and you wouldn’t want to peak too early.

daylelong says:

Of course, this improves your skills, but here are some more practical rules: you need more practice. Try to write every day at least ten sentences on completely different topics. Read more. The more authors you read, the more styles you will learn. Stop worrying about being a good writer; just write. And if you are busy or do not want to spend your free time on this, then trust trusted platforms, such as hat will do all the work for you. They make a lot of reviews on such platforms like academichelp and others.

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