Will Regulations Force ISPs To Handle Security Issues?

from the think-of-the-mess-that-would-cause dept

Earlier this month, we had a post wondering if ISPs should really be responsible for computer security. Obviously, many home users aren’t skilled enough to adequately protect themselves — and many might even look to their ISPs to help them. However, in many cases, it seems like the protection would be too burdensome and often limit perfectly legitimate uses in the name of being extra careful. How about from the corporate viewpoint, though? It seems that some CIOs are sick of spending so much time on computer security issues and would like to see their ISPs chip in and help — even to the point where some CIOs hope the government regulates the industry to require ISP-based security. The article is quite detailed and gives a balanced and accurate view of both sides of the question, noting how difficult it is to stay up on security issues, but also the many (many, many) problems with regulation. As the article implies, it seems like the market should take care of these things. If people are really demanding that their ISPs secure their connections, then shouldn’t ISPs that advertise more secure systems get more business?

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Comments on “Will Regulations Force ISPs To Handle Security Issues?”

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Sten says:

Will Regulations Force ISPs To Handle Security Iss

ISPs should in my opinion have nothing to do with users security for the services they offer (I’m only talking about internet access).
There are lots of people that do not understand the importance of securing their networkDesktop but their ISP should not be accountable for their ignorance.

Micah (user link) says:

Re: Will Regulations Force ISPs To Handle Security

This is dumb, This is not unlike a person buying a knife. A knife is a very useful too, probably one of the most useful tools you can get, most people have it, and it’s a great thing, but people not being careful cut themselves all the time.

Is it the knife manufacturer’s responsibility to make the knife safe for the consumer at the expense of keeping the knife a useful tool?

Okay, so maybe that’s a stretch, but I’m sick of people legislating safety. The best government is the least government..

I’ll go crawl back into my libertarian hole now.

computerguymatt (user link) says:

Re: Will Regulations Force ISPs To Handle Security

Im Totaly against ISP’s being responsible for user security. The sugestion of that actulay working is completly crazy! If users dont secure their PC its their own problem — however users realy have no place to turn at the moment for good security info — I sure dont trust microsoft with security. People should be more focused on creating a place for good security info for the genral public, than on blaming anouther person for not solving our security problems.

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