Best Way To Get Around Kid Buying Ban On Video Games? Ask Mom

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This probably won’t come as a huge surprise to a lot of parents out there (and, especially not to kids), but it seems that the ongoing efforts around the globe to ban kids from buying certain video games can be defeated by one simple method: bugging mom. Kids in New Zealand have admitted to playing a bunch of these “banned” video games and one-third of them said their parents bought those games for them. Of course, the study (which was done by a New Zealand government organization) has pissed off the nation’s Chief Censor (now there’s a title) who seems positively livid that parents believe they can make better choices for how to raise their own children than the all-knowing, all powerful government. And, because having convicted criminals as parents must be a better way of being raised than playing some random game, he seems to be threatening to arrest those parents, by making it clear that buying such games for your kids is illegal.

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Comments on “Best Way To Get Around Kid Buying Ban On Video Games? Ask Mom”

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Mikester says:

Arresting parents for bad parenting?

Wow. Just wow. Although, I suppose it shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise. Governments are increasingly wanting to control our lives as we seem unable to do so ourselves. From allowing what happens in the bedroom, to what people watch, and now this, what parents are allowed to let their own children do.
Soon the gov’t will have succeded in turning us into will-less drones, doing what ever they want us to.

DigitalBomb (user link) says:

Bad parenting?

I would not call it bad parenting. I know many kids that play violent games or games with some mild sexual content and never was there a more well-behaved kid. On the other hand, that does not work out for everyone. In other words: It should be a parent’s right to decide what their kid can handle.

It seems wholly retardiculous for the Government to assume that they are better parents. Perhaps a reason we have such “bad” parents today is due, in part, to retardiculous government policies.

Sohrab Osati says:

Re: Bad parenting?

wow. that is just horrible. not of the parents but the governments. I turned 20 today (happy birthday to me) and I saw Terminator when I was what…6? 8? not sure. I was going to Best Buy at age 11 buying Resident Evil and killing Zombies, blowing up buildings in other games etc.

I live a fairly social life, im in supports, im in college, ive never took a gun to school and want to hurt kids, ive never had thoughts of suicide, and ive never wanted to blow things up. Where were my parents? Around. They knew the games I played and sometimes they didnt but parents told me whats right and whats wrong. I didnt need my mom to approve of the games i played because i knew killing in real life is different then in games.

Governments cannot control such issues and its not their place. Its parents.

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