Next Grand Theft Auto To Feature Sex Without Mod

from the stoking-the-fire dept

The controversy surrounding the sex scenes in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas rages on, but Rockstar Games is taking a new tack. Instead of the scenes having to be unlocked by a third-party modification, apparently screenshots for the next GTA game, for the PlayStation 3, show a number of sex scenes. With a lot of the fuss focusing on how the game’s rating would/should have been changed if the hidden parts had been disclosed — remember, all the violence and killing is fine, it’s the consensual sex that’s a problem — it looks like Rockstar’s just going to disclose the racy content instead of taking it out. Somehow it’s doubtful this will get Jack Thompson off their back.

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Comments on “Next Grand Theft Auto To Feature Sex Without Mod”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Jesus

yeah good point.

But at the same time I sure hope this is true. Screw it, put whatever sex they want in there. Hell, show some schlong, I don’t care. I just want it to be rated 18+ so a point will be proven.

What the hell are they gonna do when it has all the sex, is rated properly, AND the kids’ parents STILL buy it for them when they are bugged?


If kids gets their hands on something that involves sex that I, AS AN ADULT, enjoy… IT’S NOT MY PROBLEM.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Jesus

What the hell are they gonna do when it has all the sex, is rated properly, AND the kids’ parents STILL buy it for them when they are bugged?
They will then try to make it illegal for even the parents to purchase.
I’ve never played GTA, probably never will, but I am completely supporting Rockstar in this. This is the same idiocy as censoring heavy metal music in the 80’s, or comic books in the 50’s.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Jesus

Yeah sorry, this is America.

They will not be banning the new GTA from ADULTS. It makes no sense on the grounds that XXX movies are not banned in the US and those are ONLY sex. The new GTA will include nothing more than what is in a rated R movie (possibly a NC-17 movie).

Banning the new GTA with sex scenes from US adults would be like banning a Rated R movie from US adults.

They may try, but it’s not happening.

Jordan Liles (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Credibility

Does have any credibility at all? Do you really believe that Rockstar leaked screenshots from a PlayStation 3 GTA game that has not even been announced and they happen to include sex scenes?
And if so…
Where are these screenshots? This entire story is FAKE, and I find it appalling…absolutely appalling…

All that you are doing is furthering the concept that there ARE screenshots out there. WHERE ARE THESE SCREENS??? THEY DO NOT EXIST!

hiaogamehi says:

this is a fucking lie rockstar are already in deep doo- doo on manhunt 2 getting AO and being banned in the UK,ireland,italy,etc… and if this is true (i call bullshit) then gta IV will have an AO rating and WILL be banned in australia,germany,uk,ireland,etc… which is the kiss of death to games! (impossible to be on the consoles and be in stores if AO, policies)O_0

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