Been Phished? Too Bad

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The AP is running an article about “the inner workings” of a phishing scam — but as you can imagine there’s not that much to it. Someone set up a fake website, spammed people, and got lots of info. In the article, the guy wasn’t so much “tracked down” as betrayed, because someone he revealed his password to gave it over to some fraud researchers. The scary part of the article, though, is how little the police seem to care about this at all. Victims who contact the police don’t seem to get any response. The researcher who went through the crook’s email didn’t seem to get much of a response from the cops — and, about the only legal pressure described in the article may come on the researcher for going through the scammer’s email in the first place. There clearly needs to be a better system for victims of phishing scams and for authorities to respond to such scams when evidence comes to light about who’s involved.

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