Musicians Storm Capitol Hill… Um… For Something

from the we've-got-issues! dept

While it seems that the entertainment industry has been able to get much of what it’s wanted from the government with things like copyright extension and having the FBI work as their their own private police force, it appears they’re still not satisfied. They’re storming Capitol Hill to… um… that’s not clear. Sure, there’s still a massive mess down in the gulf states to be dealt with, and the funeral of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court — but these musicians are mad as hell and they’re not going to take it any more. They’re not going to wait for these other matters to go away! They’ve got things they want addressed now! So, they’re on their way to perform and hang out with politicians to “raise the profile of recording arts during meetings with legislators.” You might think that there are more important things for legislators to be doing right now, but you’d be wrong. The industry has “issues.” More specifically “common issues.” Of course, no one seems to know what they are. But they’re “big issues” we’re told. Big, big common issues about… something. Hopefully, they will all be worked out by the time Gloria Estefan holds her “unique jam session with members of Congress.” After that, I’m sure everyone will be much happier.

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Comments on “Musicians Storm Capitol Hill… Um… For Something”

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dorpus says:

Weak Link of Democracy

Before Katrina, there was no political support for building a sea wall or helping the poor in Louisiana — such actions were regarded as “pork barrell politics”. Americans gave their characteristic tough talk of “libertarianism”, how free markets are supposed to solve everything, government should do nothing. Now, suddenly, the government is somehow guilty of not doing enough.

In the tyranny of modern democracy, politicians are not allowed to talk back and call the voters stupid. They are obligated to just point fingers at the government. Musicians can play a useful role to control the rabble’s opinion, and indirectly increase support for pork barrell projects. If they get a famous singer to support the baby whales of Louisiana or whatever, then suddenly all the “libertarian” voters will be lining up to demand vast pork barrell projects be built.

Newob says:

Re: Weak Link of Democracy

If the government isn’t supposed to provide busses for example, for stranded people in the way of a hurricaine, or maintain the levee that is supposed to prevent a city from flooding, what business do they have in Iraq? or Afghanistan? While government wastes the public’s money warmongering and fearmongering and giving more tax breaks to oil companies, public works are falling apart.

Anons Anonymous says:

Corruption as usual

If Katrina has shown anything, it’s that too many politicians fail to perform their first and primary responsibility: protecting the PUBLIC interest.

It appears they are too busy hobnobbing, kissing corporate asses, or sipping their frickin mint julips at the country club.

The music industry represents MEGA bucks, and so the Mint Julip politicians of America all patiently wait in line to KISS ITS ASS.

The really pathetic aspect of all this is: They haven’t the presence of mind, nor the self conscious perspective to realize how corrupted they are.

I don’t buy ANY new music. The last time I bought a new CD was probably 1998. If I want a CD, I buy it on, or far less seldom: on ebay.

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