Wal-Mart Jumps Into The Copyright Question Concerning Photo Reprinting

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Earlier this year, there was a lot of talk following a few news stories about various photo processing locations that were refusing to make prints of photos that “looked too good” for fear that they could be violating copyright. It was a silly situation, where people couldn’t get new prints made of their own photos if they happened to have actually taken a decent shot. Well, now, it appears that Wal-Mart is trying to do something about that (if ever so slightly). They’re taking part in a discussion about how “orphan works” should be dealt with. These are works where the owner of the copyright is unknown or unreachable. Wal-Mart is saying that this could apply to certain photographs as well — and if the law is changed, it could allow them to more easily print such photos without fear of breaking copyright law.

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Comments on “Wal-Mart Jumps Into The Copyright Question Concerning Photo Reprinting”

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Anonymous of Course says:

more of blaming the tool and not who wields it.

Walmart and the photo copying centers are on the wrong track. The copyright liability should be on the person requesting the copy. You don’t blame a copier machine for an illegal copy. These photocopy centers are much like a copier machine but with a (sometimes) better user interface. The person operating the machinery should carry no responsibilty for anything but a good quality copy.

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