Advertisers Pay Extra To Be Associated With Google?

from the seems-unlikely-to-last dept

Yesterday lots of people (including us) wrote about Google’s new plan to broker print advertising. While it didn’t seem like it would be a huge win, it made sense in the fact that they could buy up advertising in bulk, and sell it off in smaller chunks to advertisers they already had a relationship with. Based on the bulk price, they could still make money while charging less than what an individual advertiser would have to pay directly. However, there’s apparently one additional factor that we hadn’t even thought of. Some advertisers think that being associated with Google helps raise their credibility. SiliconBeat writes that one of the advertisers participating in the print ad program is upset that the Google name and logo isn’t displayed more prominently on the ad! In other words, Google may be able to charge a premium on advertisements through them due to the belief from some advertisers that the association is valuable.

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