Forget The Digital Home, Give Us An Internet Connection That Works

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What is it about tech companies that cause them to focus on “the next big thing” before they get “the thing we currently have” to work right? It almost always seems to be the case. Companies rush out a product before it’s ready, because you have to beat the competition, but then it’s kind of boring to fix up what you have. It’s much more exciting to look towards “the future,” but that future never works right because (again), it gets rushed out too soon. Two separate studies highlight this today. The first is that, despite all the talk from tech and consumer electronics firms, most people don’t really care about the potential for the “digital home.” It might be a nice to have, and they won’t mind it when it’s available, but no one seems to be clamoring to have their light bulbs connected to the internet. At the same time, with the rise of telecommuting from home and independent contractors/freelancers, it appears that many home workers are increasingly frustrated that their ISPs don’t meet their needs in terms of services offered and reliability. Too many ISPs still think of residential service as people who just use the internet every once in a while for fun, rather than (increasingly) an essential connection to the outside world.

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Comments on “Forget The Digital Home, Give Us An Internet Connection That Works”

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VonSkippy says:

Vote with your money.

Most people don’t understand the technology enough to know or care what type of internet connection they have.
Until people understand better and start voting with their money, it won’t change.
Personally, I won’t use an ISP unless they provide a straight thru connection with static IP’s (no PPPoE, PPPoA, DHCP, etc.) and NO port blocking (I’ll worry about my own security thankyou).

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