Plans For NYC Subway Cell Network Move Ahead

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Despite ongoing security concerns, the Metropolitan Transit Authority is forging ahead with plans to blanket the New York City subway system with cellular coverage. The MTA is now soliciting bid for a 10-year exclusive contract which requires the winner to allow other carriers access to the network — which will generate roaming fees for the winner, but could also become a significant competitive advantage for some carriers, given the multiple, non-interoperable standards in use in the US. The MTA doesn’t appear overly concerned that the networks will be a threat to security, though they do say the network must be able to be shut down in emergencies. While there is a possibility a network like this could be used by a terrorist, not having cellular coverage in the subway won’t stop a determined attacker. To not build or shut down underground networks because of security concerns is to ignore the safety and security benefits they can offer as well.

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Comments on “Plans For NYC Subway Cell Network Move Ahead”

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Ivan Sick says:

No Subject Given

Forgive me if I’m missing something here…how can cutting the signal in an emergency possibly increase security? Is the terrorist who just bombed the train going to call his fellow terrorists and tell them “mission accomplished” or “come pick me up”? Or if they cut the power, “now’s the time”?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

So… if you read the article, you would have come across the following:

“The authority’s request for proposals requires that any winner block all calls to and from the network “under certain security conditions,””

What that means is that they would like to be able to disable the network when they have information of a credible threat, or, perhaps, at a certain alert level or what have you. It did not say that they want to be able to turn it off in an emergency.

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